10 Fixes For Instagram Voice Message Not Playing or Working

Several Instagram users are facing issues regarding the voice message feature, just follow these 10 solutions to fix this glitch quickly

Instagram released a voice messaging feature back in December 2018 which people loved a lot due to its high demand.

However, people began reporting issues with the voice messages feature not working properly. There is no need to worry 😀 if you’re also facing an issue regarding playing voice messages.

Several factors can cause this problem. Although it is difficult to provide an exact solution, there are several fixes you can try that will help you troubleshoot this bug.

In this guide, 10 possible solutions will be shared to fix the Instagram voice message not playing issue. So, make sure you follow this guide all the way to the end to resolve the voice not playing issue.

Note: Whether you’re using Android or iOS, you can follow this guide.

10 Solutions To Fix Instagram Voice Messages Issue

Despite your best efforts, you haven’t succeeded to solve this glitch. Isn’t it?

I’ll share with you 10 possible fixes for this problem. You should follow them one after another and then, you’ll hopefully be able to play voice notes easily.

Now, let’s take a look at the best ways to fix the Instagram voice message that isn’t playing:

1. Check If Instagram Server Is Down

Key Points:

  • Use online tools to check if Instagram’s server is down globally
  • Check Instagram’s support community to see if the app is down
  • You will have to wait if the problem is affecting all users

In some cases, Instagram may be to blame for this issue. The Instagram server may be down, which is why you are experiencing this issue.

If so, it’s not just you, but all Instagram users are experiencing this issue as well. The Instagram app sometimes works well, but some features like Instagram DMs and voice messages don’t work properly.

Nevertheless, how can you determine if Instagram’s servers are down right now?

You can use any of the following platforms for this purpose:

  1. Down Detector
  2. Down For Everyone Or Just Me
  3. Is It Down Right Now

By clicking any link, you will be directed to Instagram’s status, whether it is working or not:

check Instagram server status

If this is the main reason for this problem then, you have to wait until Instagram resolves the server issue. There’s no other way.

Once the problem is fixed, you can enjoy the Instagram voice message feature again.


Upon fixing the Instagram server issue, if your Instagram voice message is still not working or playing, follow the next solutions.

2. Give Microphone Access To Instagram

Key Points:

  • Instagram voice messaging feature doesn’t work without a Microphone
  • Make sure you enabled Microphone Access for the Instagram app
  • If access is disabled, enable it by going to the mobile settings

In many cases, people don’t enable microphone access for Instagram. It is most likely that you are experiencing voice message problems because of this.

It won’t be possible for you to use the voice messages feature or record an Instagram story if you don’t allow Instagram to use your microphone.

Note: You can try an external microphone as well if your mobile’s built-in microphone isn’t working

Don’t worry, your microphone will only be used when necessary.

Enable Microphone on Android:

Follow the given steps to allow Instagram to use your Android mobile microphone:

Navigate to Android Settings ⚙️

Then, Apps > find Instagram > tap Permissions:

Navigate to Instagram app Permission settings

Select Microphone 🎙️> tap Allow only while using the app:

Enable Microphone access to Instagram

You can also tap and hold the Instagram app icon and press App info to directly open Instagram settings.


You can go to Settings > Privacy 🔏> Permission Manager:

Go to Permission manager in Privacy settings

Choose Microphone > select Instagram from the list:

Select Microphone and then tap on Instagram in Permission manager

Then, select Allow only while using the app

Note: Depending on your device model or Android version, Microphone settings may vary.

Now, launch the Instagram app again after closing it from the background. You should be able, now, to send and play Instagram voice messages.

For iPhone:

If you’re an iOS user and the Instagram voice messages are not playing on iPhone, make sure you enabled Microphone access. If not already, follow the given steps to enable Microphone for Instagram:

Open Settings ⚙️

Scroll down and tap Instagram > Click on Enable the microphone settings

It’s done. Now, send a direct voice message to someone for the sake of checking.

Try out the next solution if you’ve already enabled the microphone and the Instagram voice notes are still not playing.

3. Sign Out & Sign In Again

Key Points:

  • Re-login to your Instagram account after logging out
  • After that, try sending a direct message to your friend to verify

Sometimes, it can be helpful to re-sign into your Instagram account in order to resolve this bug.

Alternatively, if you have another Android device, try to log in with the same account. You will be able to identify whether the problem is with your device.

To logout of your Instagram app, tap on your profile > tap three horizontal lines (☰):

Tap on your Instagram profile and then three horizontal lines

Then, Settings ⚙️> Scroll down to the end and tap Log out:

Log out Instagram account

Now, again log in and check if the Instagram audio messages are playing or not.

4. Update Instagram App

Key Points:

  • Updating the Instagram app method works for many users
  • Also, it’s great to enable Auto Update apps

Keeping your apps up-to-date will give you access to several amazing features. The latest version of the apps should always be used.

It’s possible that the Instagram bug, you’re experiencing, might have been resolved, and you are still using the old version of the app.

If this is the case, you simply need to update the app to fix your issue. Alternatively, uninstall Instagram first, then reinstall it

For Android devices, go to the play store and update the Instagram app. For iPhone devices, navigate to the App Store and update the Instagram app.

After that, try sending a test voice memo to someone to determine if the problem is fixed.

5. Clear Instagram Cache & Data

Key Points:

  • Instagram stores cache on your mobile device to improve performance
  • Clear the old Instagram cache from Android’s Settings to fetch new files
  • In the case of iPhone devices, re-install the app to clear the cache

Instagram, like most apps, stores temporary files in order to speed up loading times and improve app performance.

It is possible for the stored cache to become old or corrupted, resulting in many features not working as expected including voice messages and story unavailable glitches.

Possibly this is why your Instagram Voice messages aren’t playing. If so, you just need to clear the cache of the Instagram app.

For this, tap and hold the Instagram icon and tap App info:

Open Instagram app info

Then, select Storage usage > Clear cache:

Clear Instagram cache to fix voice message not playing issue

If the problem still persists, try out clearing the data as well.

6. Disable Data Server Feature In Instagram App

To save your internet data, Instagram introduced a data saver feature. If you have turned on this feature, you may not be able to use all of Instagram’s features due to the limited data consumption.

Hence, you should try disabling this feature to see if voice messages work.

To disable the data saver feature, navigate to your profile > Hamburger icon (☰)

Go to Settings ⚙️> Account:

Open Instagram account settings

Then, Cellular data use 🌏> Disable Data Saver:

Disable data saver in Instagram settings

Now, check if Instagram voice messages are playing or not, and if not, jump to the next solution.

7. Check Network Issues

Key Points:

  • Check your connected WiFi signal strength
  • Restart your WiFi router or Modem
  • Try connecting to a high-speed internet connection
  • Enable airplane mode for a while and disable it again

Your internet connection may be causing the problem, so it may be worth checking network-related issues.

With a fast internet connection, you’ll enjoy using Instagram’s features more. Check your internet connection by using any online service like Speedtest by Ookla.

You can also connect to your friend’s WiFi by sharing the internet.

Run a speed test and see if you have a stable internet connection. If not, switch to another Wi-Fi connection 📶 and see if the voice messages are working or not.

In case of a stable connection, turn on the airplane mode ✈, and then, turn it off. Check to see if the problem has been resolved at this point.

Moreover, you should try resetting your mobile network settings and see if the problem is resolved. To reset network settings, go to the Settings app and search for reset network:

Don’t forget to reboot your smartphone once you reset your network settings. Check if the problem persists after that by sending an Instagram direct audio message for testing purposes.

If you have a modem or router, you should also try rebooting it. Moreover, you can also try connecting to a higher GHz WiFi connection to see if the voice message plays.

8. Restart Your Smartphone

Key Points:

  • Restarting your mobile device can also help fix this bug
  • Moreover, it’ll speed up your smartphone as well by killing the background processes

Have you tried restarting  🔃  your device? In this situation, it may prove to be an effective solution.

The background apps and processes on your mobile device will be terminated when you reboot your phone.

Moreover, it will improve the speed of your smartphone as well.

To restart your smartphone, press and hold the power button and drag the slider toward Restart.

Alternately, turn the mobile off 📴 then on again. Do not turn off your phone for a long time as callers may think your phone is dead.

9. Try Instagram Web Or Instagram Lite App

Key Points:

  • Log in to Instagram Web on your mobile or computer
  • Send a voice message to check if it’s working

This method should fix the problem if you are still unable to play or send voice messages after trying all the above solutions.

You need to switch to the Instagram Lite app. This is a lightweight version of Instagram, which contains all the essential features including voice messages.

Download this app from the Google Play Store and log in with the same account. Now, check if voice messages play or not.

Note: The Instagram Lite app is not available for iPhone users

Alternatively, you can log in to your Instagram account to the Instagram web and play the voice messages.

Using this method, voice messages should now be played whenever you hear Instagram notifications about voice notes.

10. Contact With Instagram Support

Key Points:

  • Get in touch with Instagram’s support team
  • Precisely describe your problem regarding voice messages
  • Wait until you get a reply from the Instagram team

Lastly, getting in touch with the Instagram Support team and explaining the situation is the ultimate solution.

Even after trying all of the solutions above, if you’re still unable to play voice messages on Instagram, then follow the given procedure to contact support:

Open your Instagram app and navigate to your profile.

Navigate to Settings > Help:

Get help from Instagram support

Select Report a Problem > Report a problem:

Report a problem in Instagram app

Note: If Instagram prompts you to shake a phone then, tap on Report problem without shaking

Here, explain your issue like “Instagram voice message not playing or working” or something like that.

Also, attach the screenshot as proof if you want.

After that, tap on Next > Send Report:

Send a problem to Instagram support

Now, you have to wait for their response. This will surely resolve your Instagram voice message glitch.

Types Of Instagram Voice Messages Error

You may encounter a number of different types of errors when sending or receiving audio messages.

Microphone-related issues are the most common because it does not work as expected. Let’s look at some of the common issues.

Users notice that no audio or sound is recorded when they play back or replay their voice messages after sending them to friends on Instagram.

If this is the case, it means you didn’t provide microphone access. Jump to solution #2 to resolve this issue.

Some users also reported that they are unable to listen to the incoming voice messages of their friends on Instagram. In this case, either your mobile speaker is malfunctioning or your friend did not properly record the voice message. That’s why, you can’t hear voice messages.

Furthermore, several users are complaining that they can’t send voice messages to others on Instagram. This is because they’re unable to find the microphone 🎙️ icon. To fix this issue, simply update your Instagram app to the latest version. It’ll resolve this issue and you’ll be able send audio messages.

After following the solutions discussed above, the Instagram voice message feature will, hopefully, start recording your voice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Won’t My Voice Messages Play On Instagram?

Your Instagram voice message will not play or work if you haven’t allowed Instagram to access your microphone or if your Instagram app version is outdated. Also, make sure your internet connection is good and Instagram’s server is not down.

Do Voice Messages Expire On Instagram?

No, Instagram voice messages don’t expire. So, you don’t have to worry about voice messages disappearing automatically.

How Can You Send A Voice Message To Someone On Instagram?

Update your Instagram if you’re unable to see a voice message feature. To send a voice message to someone, tap and hold the microphone icon, next to the message field, and start recording your voice message. Release your fingers when you’re finished and your recorded message will be sent.

How Do You Download Voice Messages On Instagram?

There is no save button to download voice messages on Instagram. However, you can turn on the voice recorder or screen recorder while playing the voice message to download the audio file. Also, you can install an external screen recorder to record an Instagram voice message.

How To Listen To Instagram Voice Messages Before Sending Them?

There is no option to listen to Instagram voice messages before sending them. However, there is an option to unsend the message, if you do not like it. Just tap and hold on to that voice message and select Unsend. It’ll be removed for everyone.

Can You Send Voice Messages On Instagram From a PC?

Unfortunately, no. The Instagram voice message facility is not available on a PC or a web-based version. You can only send audio messages or voice notes from the Instagram app.

Final Words:

The voice messaging feature is great, especially for lazy people who don’t want to type a single word but instead want their fingers to rest. They can easily record and send voice messages.

In spite of this, it becomes frustrating when Instagram voice messages don’t play or work. By following the above solutions, you should be able to resolve this problem.

It would be great if you could let the readers know in the comments which solution worked best for you. It’ll also help others to figure out their problem and they can also enjoy the voice messaging feature.

I hope you found this comprehensive guide helpful 😍 in this regard. If so, share it with others so that they can also get benefit from it.

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