How To Know If Someone’s Phone is Off or Dead?

When you’re not able to call someone, you may be curious to know if the person is ignoring you or if his android phone is switched off.

There are times when we really need to talk to somebody but can’t contact them. There’s no exact reason why you can’t call someone.

The recipient’s phone might be out of service or switched off.

In the case of an off or dead phone, you’ll hear voicemail or the operator’s voice directly, the phone will not ring at all. If you send an iMessage or regular message, they won’t receive it until their phone is turned on. Calling from another phone is the best way to check if the phone is off.

There are several ways to check someone’s phone status. We’ll go through all the possible ways to know if someone’s phone is off or dead.

How To Tell If Someone’s Phone Is Off Or Dead?

There’s no exact way to find out if the person’s phone is switched off but there are some indicators that can help you to find it out.

These 11 methods will assist you to know if someone’s phone is off or dead:

1. The Phone Will Not Ring

If you call the recipient’s mobile number and the phone does not ring even once, it’s likely that the person’s mobile phone is off.

In this case, you will be redirected to voicemail, if the person has configured it.

If the recipient didn’t set up voicemail, you’ll hear the operator saying “the person you’re trying to reach is out of service”, ” the phone you’re calling is switched off, please try again later” or something like that.

It’s a clear indication that the person’s phone is off or dead.

Note: It’s also possible that a person has blocked your phone สล็อต888 number. In this situation, use another phone.


If you hear the phone ring at least once and then you’re redirected to voicemail, that means the phone isn’t dead.

This is the best way to tell if someone’s phone is dead or just ignoring you.

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2) You’ll Be Redirected To Voicemail

Most of the time, when you contact someone, your call will go directly to the voicemail or an operator carrier.

If the person’s phone is dead, you’ll not hear a ringtone at all rather, you’ll be redirected to a voicemail or network carrier saying that the number is not available or not reachable.

Consequently, if this is the case, then it may be an indication that either the recipient’s phone is turned off or that you have been blocked from calling them.

To confirm if you’re blocked or calling a dead phone, contact from another mobile phone.

3) Call From A Different Phone Number

Using this method is one of the most effective and helpful ways to figure out whether or not you have been blocked by someone.

When you call from a different number and the phone rings, it is a clear indication that your number has been blocked. And, if you receive the same message as when calling from your phone, this means that the person’s phone is dead or switched off.

Any other phone can be used instead of the one you currently have like:

  • Your brother’s mobile
  • Your friend’s mobile
  • Or, a public phone

Also, make sure your own phone is functioning properly. If you don’t, you’ll unintentionally blame someone.

4) Mask Your Phone Number

It’s a good idea to contact the person with a masked number if you can’t figure out whether they have blocked you or not.

What’s the benefit of a masked number?

The recipient will not be able to see your caller ID (name) if you use a masked phone number. Your number and name will not be known to the person.

Just dial *67 before the recipient’s ten-digit number, press the Call button and you’re good to go.

If the phone rings, it means you’re blocked, and if it doesn’t, it means it’s turned off or out of service.

5) Try To Call Their Family Members

If someone’s phone is off and you have an important message to convey, it’s useful to call any member of the family of the individual.

You’ll get a better idea if the person is available or not. And, you can convey your message in this way.

Even though it’s not a good idea, at the very least, it will give you some information about the person.

How To Know If Someone’s Phone Is Off When Texting?

How to know if someone's phone is off when texting

There are also many useful methods to tell if someone’s phone is dead or turned off through text messages or texting.

Let’s explore those methods:

1) Send A Message Via iMessage

This solution will be very helpful for iPhone users. Jump to the next section if you’re an Android user.

This method will tell if someone’s phone is off by sending text messages on iPhone.

The iMessage, Apple’s instant messaging app, can be very useful when you want to check if the phone of someone you are calling is on or off.

The only thing you have to do is send a text message to the recipient number, and if it is successfully Delivered, then the phone is not off. Otherwise, the message will not be delivered until the recipient’s device is turned on.

Note: If the recipient has configured iMessage with multiple devices then, you’ll not be able to know if the person’s phone is off using this method

If the recipient configured iMessage with a single apple device, then this texting method can be very useful since you will just need to send text messages.

2) Send Regular Message To Notice How Long It Takes

This method is very simple.

You simply have to type a regular text message and tap send, if the person’s phone is turned off or out of service, it’ll take longer than normal to send a message.

And, it indicates that the receiver’s phone is likely off. Until the person turns on the phone, the text message won’t be received.

Moreover, it’s also possible that someone’s phone service is off.

You can apply this method on Android phones. For iPhone, use the iMessage method discussed above.

3) You Haven’t Received Reply For A Long Time

If the recipient is a frequent WhatsApp user or a fast responder and does not reply to your SMS text messages after you have sent them, then it may be a good indication that his phone has been turned off.

However, there is no guarantee, maybe the recipient is busy with another task, so it is taking too long to respond. Nevertheless, if hours have passed and you have not received a reply to your text message, it’s highly likely that the phone is dead.

Even though it’s not a big indicator, you can use this technique if you know the person won’t be busy right now.

How To Tell If Someone’s Phone Is Off Without Calling?

How to know if someone's phone is off without calling

We will, now, look at some methods to figure out whether a recipient’s phone is off or not without making a phone call.

Let’s explore these methods:

1) Check Last Seen On Social Media

Is there anyone in this modern era who doesn’t utilize social media?

If someone’s phone is not reachable, check the last seen on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram accounts. In this case, if it has been too long and he has not been online, then his phone is probably off

Although it’s not an accurate method, however, if your friend stays active on social media platforms, such as WhatsApp, then this method will be helpful in deciding whether his phone is turned off or not.

2) Send Message On Social Media

Upon sending a message through Instagram, WhatsApp, or Messenger, and if it is delivered successfully, the recipient’s phone must be turned on.

A double tick in WhatsApp indicates the successful delivery of a message. However, a single tick means you sent the message, but the receiver did not receive it.

In Messenger, a filled-in blue circle means your message has been delivered by the receiver. Only the blue circle with the check indicates the receiver didn’t receive the message yet.

However, this method will only work if the recipient has turned on internet data. It can also be a helpful method to tell if someone’s phone is dead or off.

3) Manually Verify From The Person

You can manually verify from the person whether his phone is switched off or dead by sending a normal message or through any social media platform.

You will need to wait for the response, of course.

Alternatively, if you have the contact information for his close friends or family members, you may want to ask them.

What Causes Someone’s Phone To Be Off Or Dead?

What causes the phone to be off or dead

Now let’s find out what could be causing the person’s phone to go dead or off.

The exact reason for someone’s phone being off can’t be determined because there can be several reasons for it to be off.

However, let’s focus on the most common ones:

1) Recipient’s Phone Is Out Of Service

Most of the time, this will be the cause of an android device being out of service for the receiver. In case the person is disconnected from the service provider, your call will not reach the target person.

And, your call will go straight to voicemail saying “your dialed number is not reachable at the moment” or something like that. It means you’re calling a dead phone.

The receiver will get to know that you attempted to contact him as soon as he receives the signals.

2) You’re Blocked

There is a possibility that someone has blocked your number for some reason. If so, you will not be able to contact him.

Your calls and messages will not be received.

In such a situation, the only option is to contact our friend’s phone from another mobile.

3) Do Not Disturb Mode Is Activated

Additionally, if the person you’re trying to call activated do not disturb mode, you won’t be able to make a call until it’s turned off.

The person may be attending an important meeting or busy at the moment.

There is no other option but to wait

4) The Phone Is Turned Off

When someone’s phone is off or dead, your call will not be connected to that person instead you will hear a voicemail, if any, or an operator telling you that their phone is off or something similar.

In addition, if someone calls you when your phone is off, you will automatically be notified about missed calls when you turn on your smartphone. If someone has sent you messages while you are away, you will receive them too.

You have to wait until the mobile phone is turned on.

5) Number No Longer Exists

There is a possibility that the person you are calling has changed his phone number and you are trying to reach him on his old number.

If this is the case, it is necessary for you to get in touch with the person physically to get his current contact information

6) Airplane Mode Is Turned On

Just like the Do not disturb mode, you will not be able to call him if the receiver is in airplane mode. Since the recipient’s phone won’t ring on incoming calls, it will appear as if it has been switched off.

A person may have turned airplane mode on for several reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

If Someone’s Phone Is Off Will IMessage Say Delivered?

The iMessage will not mark your message as delivered if someone’s phone is off. As soon as the recipient turns on the phone, the message status will change to deliver. Using this feature, you can easily determine whether someone’s phone is off or not.

If You Call Someone And Their Phone Is Off Will It Ring?

No, the recipient’s phone will not ring if it’s off. You will be redirected to voicemail or the network carrier saying that the number you’re trying is powered off or something like that. The person will receive notifications of missed calls once he turns on the phone.

What Happens When Your Mobile Phone Is Turned Off?

When your phone is turned off, you will not be able to receive any incoming calls, notifications, or messages until your phone is turned back on. However, you’ll receive missed call notifications and all messages from the people who tried to reach you when you were off.

How Do You Call Someone Whose Phone Is Off?

When a person’s phone goes off, you can contact their family members. Because the person’s phone will not ring or receive notifications, there is no other way to contact that person.

How Many Times Does The Phone Ring When You Are Blocked?

If your number is blocked by someone, the phone will only ring a few times around two times or only once, then you’ll be directed to voicemail. This is a clear indication that the person blocked you from contacting him.

How Can You Tell If Person’s Phone Is In Airplane Mode?

The phone becomes out of range when it’s in airplane mode, which makes it impossible to determine whether he is in airplane mode. Furthermore, the phone will not ring if you try to contact that person.

Do iPhone Messages Turn Green When The Phone Is Off?

When the iPhone message is green, it does not mean the phone is off. The green message indicates that the message was sent via carrier-based SMS rather than iMessage, which is displayed in blue. Messages sent to Android users will also be green.

Wrapping Up

The solutions discussed above will help you determine if you are just being ignored or if the cell phone is off whenever you are unable to reach someone.

Although there’s no exact method to know if someone’s phone is off or dead, however, by using the above methods, you can get a better idea.

It doesn’t require any technical knowledge to follow the methods described above, even a layperson can do it.

I hope you found these tips helpful. If so, share it with others so that they can also get benefit from it.

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