How To Share Internet From Mobile To Mobile Without Hotspot?

There are many times when we need to share the internet from one mobile device to another, for example, when you want to provide internet connectivity to your friend, colleague, or family member.

A WiFi hotspot is the first solution that comes to mind when talking about sharing android phone internet data, and it’s true since it’s the most convenient and fastest method.

However, you can share your mobile data in many other ways as well, for instance via Bluetooth feature.

To share the internet from mobile to mobile without using Hotspot, go to Settings on a mobile sharing the Internet access > Connection & Sharing > enable Bluetooth Tethering. Enable Bluetooth on the receiving mobile and Pair both of these mobile devices. After pairing, you can access the internet.

By using Bluetooth, you can share your mobile data with another phone in just a few steps. We don’t have to use Hotspot in this method.

We’ll go through this process again in detail with snapshots for better understanding. So, make sure to read till the end.

How To Share Internet From Mobile To Mobile Without Hotspot?

Although Hotspot is the most common way to share mobile internet, we’ll use Bluetooth to share the mobile data of one mobile phone with another.

You can watch this short video as well for a visual guide.

Note: Settings may vary depending on your mobile device model. If so, you can search Bluetooth Tethering in the settings.

Follow the given steps to share the internet from mobile to mobile via Bluetooth:

  • Open the Settings app on your mobile (the one sharing the internet connection)
  • Navigate to Connection & Sharing:
Go to Connection & Sharing settings
  • Enable Bluetooth Tethering:
Enable Bluetooth Tethering
  • Turn on Bluetooth on the other mobile where you want to use the internet
  • Finally, Pair both of these android devices with each other
  • Once the devices are paired with each other, you can enjoy the internet:
Share internet from mobile to mobile without hotspot using Bluetooth


In some mobile devices, you may need to manually turn on internet access in Bluetooth settings. To do so, first pair both mobile devices.

Then, navigate to Bluetooth in settings. Tap on the mobile device that you paired earlier > enable Internet access under USE FOR:

Enable the Internet Access in Bluetooth settings

Although you can use a mobile Hotspot as well to share your mobile data, Bluetooth is also a great option especially when you want to share both files and internet data at the same time.

Moreover, you can pair multiple android devices as well to share mobile data on multiple mobile phones using the Bluetooth feature.

Tip: You can use this same method with your laptop/computer as well in order to use the mobile data connection on your computer without Hotspot. Follow the same steps but pair your computer with your phone instead of the another mobile.

This is an entire procedure about how to share the internet from mobile to mobile without the Wi-Fi Hotspot feature.

Bluetooth Tethering Limitations

Sharing one mobile internet with another mobile is pretty easy. Isn’t it?

If you’re unable or simply don’t want to use WiFi Hotspot to share your mobile internet connection, the Bluetooth feature can be very handy in this situation.


I’ll suggest avoiding this method as much as possible. Use a portable Hotspot instead. There’re many reasons behind this.

The biggest limitation is its low data transfer speed. If you think that you can do live streaming or download large files with this method, you actually can’t. The data transfer rate of Bluetooth is lower than Hotspot and USB Tethering.

You’ll only be able to receive about 2 Mbps of speed. You can only perform simple tasks like browsing, using social media platforms, canva editing, etc.

Its next disadvantage is its low range. Unlike the mobile Hotspot feature, the range of Bluetooth is limited to around 10 meters only. It means the devices you are tethering must be close to each other in order to get the maximum internet speed.

It’s not a reliable method for long-distance connections.

Despite all these limitations, Bluetooth is still a convenient and quick way to share the internet from mobile to mobile without Hotspot.

However, if your android phone Hotspot is functioning properly, then you should use it for internet sharing to enjoy maximum speed and range.

Is It Possible To Share Mobile Data Without Mobile Hotspot?

In short, it’s possible.

Internet sharing between two devices has become very easy with the advancement in technology.

There are three total ways to share mobile data with other devices. Hotspot, Bluetooth, and USB Tethering.

If you don’t want to use Hotspot, you can still use Bluetooth and USB Tethering to share internet data.

But, the USB Tethering method doesn’t work if you want to share the internet between two android devices. It’ll only work if your mobile is connected to either a laptop or computer via a USB cable.

The last method is Bluetooth tethering to share the internet from one mobile phone to other without Hotspot. At the same time, it’s the slowest method as well but useful in terms of data usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Share Internet Connection Between Mobile Devices Without Hotspot?

Yes, you can still share the internet from one mobile to another mobile via Bluetooth Tethering. Although it has speed and range limitations, it is a convenient and easy option for sharing your mobile internet with other devices.

Can I Use the Internet On Multiple Mobiles Using Bluetooth Tethering?

Just like WiFi Hotspot, you can pair multiple mobile devices to use the internet on multiple devices. But these devices must be close to the mobile sharing the internet to get maximum internet speed.

Is It Possible to Share the Internet Between Android Devices Without Hotspot And Bluetooth?

No, there is no other way to share the mobile internet with another mobile without using a personal Hotspot or Bluetooth. You need to enable either Hotspot or Bluetooth in order to share the internet.

Can You Share Cellular data Between Android Phones Via USB Cable?

No, you can’t share mobile data via USB tethering between two android phones. This method only works when the android device is connected to your computer via a USB cable.

Bottom Line

The only way to share the internet from mobile to mobile without using a hotspot is through Bluetooth. USB tethering doesn’t work between mobile phones.

Many users are unfamiliar that Bluetooth is more than just file-sharing technology since you can now share the internet with it.

Sharing mobile data through Bluetooth is very simple. Just enable Bluetooth tethering, pair devices with each other, and enjoy the internet. By default, most Android phones have this feature.

Next time, if you need to share your smartphone internet with another mobile device, you can do so via Bluetooth. It’ll work as a wireless network.

I hope you found this guide helpful about how to share the internet from mobile to mobile without hotspot. If so, share it with others so that they can also get benefit from this useful lesson.

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