How To Use Mobile As CCTV Camera Without Internet?

There’s no need to buy an expensive CCTV camera if you have an extra smartphone since you can turn an old phone into a security camera without the internet

Yes, you can use your mobile phone as an IP Camera and also you don’t need the internet to watch live CCTV footage thanks to tech gurus. Sounds great?

As smartphones come with built-in cameras, they can be used for security camera purposes easily. It’s absolutely possible to use a mobile  บาคาร่าออนไลน์ device as a CCTV camera without an internet connection.

So, take advantage of your phone’s camera and turn it into an IP security camera.

How To Use Mobile As CCTV Camera Without Internet?

Getting to where we want to be is a matter of some easy steps.

Prior to moving forward, there are a few requirements we need to fulfill in order to share camera between two android phones without internet. Let’s check out these prerequisites.


You must have the following things to turn your old phone into a hidden camera:

  1. Android phone as CCTV footage sender
  2. IP Webcam App
  3. Routers (optional)
  4. Another mobile, tablet, or PC to receive CCTV live footage
sender and receiver devices to use mobile as CCTV camera without internet

#1. Mobile Phone (Sender)

You must have an extra smartphone with a working camera to proceed further. This mobile device will act as the sender of CCTV footage i.e. mobile CCTV camera.

As this smartphone will be used as a CCTV or security camera system, it must be fully charged to avoid live feed cut-off issues.

Note: It’s recommended to plug your smartphone into a constant power source.

Continuous use of the Camera app will heat up your smartphone. So, make sure to keep these things in mind. Also, avoid using your personal mobile as a CCTV camera.

#2. IP Webcam Android App

IP Webcam android app acts as an intermediate layer in this entire process. It’ll enable you to make a CCTV camera using a mobile camera without the Internet or WiFi.

IP Webcam app

The free version of this app is enough to meet our requirements. You can easily download this app from the play store.

This app needs access to your mobile’s camera and recorder. Grant the necessary permissions to connect CCTV camera to mobile phone without internet access.

Although other apps are also available for this purpose, I personally recommend this one because of its great features.

#3. Router (Optional)

This requirement is optional. If you want to extend the range of your mobile hotspot then, you can use a WiFi extender or router otherwise skip this section.

Note: There’s no need to have internet access

Usually, the range of a normal mobile hotspot is about 30 to 60 feet. By using a WiFi extender, this range can be extended up to 2500 feet which is enough.

You can even use multiple WiFi extenders if you need an even higher range.

By increasing the range, we can watch CCTV Live footage even from a large distance. We’ll also talk about watching CCTV live footage from anywhere in a while.

If you don’t need much range then, the range of mobile Hotspot is enough.

#4. Another Smartphone, Tablet, Or PC To Receive CCTV Footage

To watch live footage, you can use your own personal smartphone, tablet, or PC.

This device will act as a receiver.

Upon meeting all these requirements, you can proceed to the next step.

Step By Step Procedure To Use Mobile As CCTV

Now, we only need to perform a couple of easy steps in order to use our mobile as a CCTV system.

Note: You can apply these steps to all of your old phones to create multiple security cameras setup as well.

Follow the given steps carefully to turn your mobile into a WiFi camera:

Step 1: Enable Mobile Hotspot

To begin, turn on mobile data and enable your mobile phone‘s Hotspot (no internet access or WiFi is required).

Note: Each smartphone model has its own settings for enabling mobile Hotspot.

Navigate to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi Hotspot:

Turn on mobile WiFi hotspot

If you are unable to find it, you can search “hotspot” in Settings and it should appear.

Step 2: Connect Router To Mobile Hotspot (Optional)

Skip this section if you’re just using a mobile Hotspot.

If you’re using any WiFi extender or router to extend the range then, you need to make a connection to your WiFi extender.

Extend the first router (after connecting it to a mobile Hotspot) if you’re using multiple WiFi extenders. After that, repeat this particular step (i.e. extend) for all the remaining routers you’re using.

Also, you need to keep in mind that all the sending and receiving devices are connected to the same WiFi.

Even if you don’t have a WiFi extender, you can still use your smartphone as a CCTV camera without an internet connection. The router simply extends the range of your mobile Hotspot.

Step 3: IP Webcam Settings

Install the IP Webcam Android app first if you haven’t already.

Open this app.

Navigate to Local broadcasting > Login/password:

setup login and password for security

Set a username and password if you want to make your connection secure otherwise, it’s not necessary.

Go back and select Video Preferences > Video recording :

Change CCTV video recording settings in IP Webcam app

Then, select Save videos to and choose the folder where you want to save the CCTV video recordings.

Other options are:

Chunk size: Your CCTV video recording will be split into parts once the given time limit (in minutes) has been reached. You can manually enter the length as well. Upon reaching this limit, the video automatically splits.

Cleanup: It means older CCTV recordings will be deleted automatically if your phone storage runs low. The storage size (in MB) can be manually entered. When the free storage is below this limit, older recordings will be deleted.

Video bitrate: A bitrate refers to the rate at which bits are conveyed or processed per unit of time. It affects video quality. You can select it accordingly.

Video Format: Select the video format between MKV and MP4.

Now, go back to the previous tab (i.e. video preferences) and select Video resolution, choose it accordingly:

You can play with other settings as well.

Step 4: Start IP Webcam App

All the necessary settings are done. Now, it’s time to use our mobile phone as a CCTV camera with no internet connection or WiFi.

Open the application.

Then, scroll down to the bottom and tap on Start Server:

Tap on Start Server in IP Webcam app

The rear camera of your smartphone will start working (provide the necessary permissions if required).

The IP address will be written at the bottom of the screen. Note down that IP Address on any paper:

Note down IP Address displaying at the bottom of screen

Step 5: Watch Live Stream On The Receiver Device

The sender device (mobile phone) is, now, acting as a CCTV or IP security camera.

It’s time to watch live CCTV feed on a receiver device. For this purpose, you can use your laptop/PC or any other smartphone you have.

Note: Make sure the receiver device(smartphone or laptop) is also connected to the sender’s mobile Hotspot or the WiFi extender (if you’re using a router).

We can watch footage using any browser or VLC media player.

Watch CCTV Footage On Browser :

First, open any browser you’re using like Chrome, Firefox, etc on receiving device.

Type the IP address you noted earlier in the URL bar like below:

Then, press Enter.

The IP Webcam website will appear.

Note: If you’ve set up a username and password, you’ll be prompted to enter that.

In the Video renderer section, select Browser :

select Browser under the Video Renderer section

You can, now, watch the live CCTV video on your browser. Click the Fullscreen button next to the video renderer to enjoy the footage on a large screen.

You can zoom in on footage, take a screenshot, crop video, switch cameras, and much more on that page.

Your sender Android mobile is, now, working as a wireless security camera. You can connect that CCTV or wireless camera to any device without an internet or WiFi connection.

That’s it. This is how to use a mobile phone as a wireless camera without the internet or WiFi network.

Watch CCTV Footage On VLC Player :

Now, we’ll watch live CCTV footage on receiving device via VLC media player.

Open the VLC media player (install it if you haven’t already).

Navigate to Media > Open Network Stream:

open network stream in VLC media player

Now, type a complete IP Address in the following format:


For instance:

Enter IP Address and click on Play to watch Live CCTV footage

Then, press enter.

If a dialog box appears saying insecure site then, click view certificate and then, click accept permanently:

Resolve insecure site issue

Note that you must have to type “/video” at the end of the IP Address otherwise, it’ll not work.

The live footage will be started on the VLC media player.

In this way, you can turn your old phone into a security camera without internet data.

How To Watch CCTV Camera Footage From Anywhere?

This is the most commonly asked question that is it possible to watch CCTV or WiFi camera footage from anywhere? Can I remotely access my camera?

The answer is yes, you can watch from any location.

Note: To watch CCTV cameras from any location, you must have internet access. Your friend can share the internet with you if you don’t have internet access.

In the above sections, you learned how you can use an Android phone as a CCTV or wireless surveillance camera without an internet connection.

In this section, we’ll learn how to watch that CCTV camera footage from anywhere in the world. For this method, you must connect to a high GHz WiFi connection.

Follow the given steps to watch CCTV a camera from anywhere using the Internet:

Step 1: Create Free Account On Ivideon

First, create an account on the Ivideon platform:

Create Ivideon account

After that confirm your email address.

Step 2: Login IVideon Account On IP Webcam App

Open the IP Webcam on your smartphone.

Tap on Cloud streaming > Ivideon account:

login Ivideon account in IP Webcam app

Now, log in with your Ivideon account.

Once the account is logged in, make sure to tick mark Cloud streaming active:

check mark Cloud streaming active

Now, go back and tap Start Server to begin the IP Webcam.

Step 3: Watch CCTV Footage On IVideon From Anywhere

Now, go to the Ivideon website and log in to your account.

You can also download the Ivideon app from the play store to the receiver’s mobile phone and login into your account to watch the live CCTV video on the app as well.

Once logged in, you’ll be redirected to the Cameras section. Under My cameras, you’ll notice that your device will already be added there.

Now, click on select pricing plan:

click on select pricing plan

Note: If your device doesn’t appear here then, log out of your Ivideon account from both platforms i.e. the website and the IP Webcam app. After that, log in to your Ivideon account to the IP Webcam app first, and tap on Start Server. After that log in to the Ivideon website. You’ll now see that window.

Scroll down to the end and choose the Freemium plan among these paid plans:

select freemium plan to watch live CCTV video

Click on Done and you’re good to go.

After that, just click on your device camera:

Now, watch live CCTV video no matter where you are.

You can watch the previous CCTV recording as well. Cloud storage, however, is only available to premium users. You can upgrade if you want.

Benefits Of Using Mobile As a CCTC Camera

So far, you learned how to use a mobile as a CCTV camera without internet access. Even you can watch a live mobile CCTV feed from anywhere in the world.

So, how can you take benefit from the use of mobile cameras as wireless cameras? Actually, it may vary according to the needs of the users.

For temporary home security when you are not at home, your mobile device can serve as a security camera. However, it’s not a permanent solution because mobile phones heat up when used for long periods of time.

They can also come in handy for temporary baby protection. Mobile phones can serve the same purpose as CCTV cameras without the need to purchase one.

If you’re in a hurry and need an immediate surveillance camera, just open the IP Webcam app, start a server and you’re good to go. Use Ivideon to watch the live video feed of your security camera from any location.

These are some benefits of using mobile devices as CCTV cameras. Invest in an actual CCTV camera if you are planning on using CCTV cameras long-term.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Use Your Phone As An IP Camera?

If your old mobile has a working camera, you can use it as an IP camera. First, enable mobile internet and Hotspot. Launch IP Webcam app, tap Start Server, and note down the IP Address located at the bottom of the screen. Paste this IP to the browser of the receiver’s device. You will see live footage.

Should We Use Mobile Phones As CCTV Cameras?

For temporary purposes, you should use your mobile phone as a CCTV camera instead of buying an expensive CCTV camera. However, for long-term usage, they will heat up and consume more power. In cases of heavy use, you should consider dedicated IP security cameras.

Can I Use My Mobile Device As A CCTV Camera Without A Router?

Yes, you can absolutely use your mobile device as a CCTV camera without a router or any WiFi extender. Routers only increase the range of your mobile Hotspot enabling you to watch the CCTV footage from a longer distance.

Do I Need Ivideon’s Premium Plan To View CCTV Footage From Anywhere?

No, it’s not necessary to have Ivideon’s premium plan in order to watch CCTV from anywhere, the free plan is enough. However, the free plan has some limitations. Only one camera can be connected, and recordings won’t be saved to the cloud in the free plan.

Can I Use My Mobile As a Security Camera?

In case you intend to use mobiles as wireless security cameras for temporary purposes, it’s fine to do so instead of buying a separate, more expensive security camera. In the long run, it’s not recommended to use your mobile, instead, you should use a separate security camera that’s more useful.

Can IP Cameras Work Without Internet?

Yes, IP Cameras and Wireless Cameras can work even without an internet connection. However, the devices must be connected to the same local network, otherwise, you’ll not be able to access your CCTV camera without an Internet.

Can I Watch CCTV From Anywhere Without Internet?

No, it’s not possible to watch CCTV footage from anywhere without the Internet. In order to access your CCTV camera remotely, you need an active internet connection. Once connected, you can watch live footage from anywhere in the world.

Wrapping Up

In some situations, CCTV or wireless security cameras are severely needed, but we do not have one, so we can make use of extra mobile devices to serve as CCTV cameras with no internet access needed. Isn’t it a great idea?

Instead of selling or breaking your old smartphones, use them as cellular security cameras or IP cameras. In this way, you can fulfill your temporary surveillance needs.

Thus, we’ve covered the whole process of how to use a mobile device as a CCTV camera without an internet connection. I hope you found it helpful.

If so, spread your love by sharing it with others so that they can also get benefit from it.

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