How To Highlight Text In Canva & Canva App?

Highlighting a text is a great way of drawing users’ attention to a particular portion of a text and you’ll learn this simple method in this tutorial

Like other graphic design software, you can highlight text in Canva as well to improve your design’s eye appeal and distinctiveness. But many users don’t know what the exact method is.

In order to highlight a text in Canva, select any Text box, click on Effects, and select the Background option under the Style section. Your selected text will become highlighted. Now, you can change the highlighted color, roundness, spread, and transparency.

How to highlight text in Canva

There are two different methods to highlight a text on Canva and Canva app as well. Let’s take a closer look at these two methods.

Method 1: Highlighting Text On Canva

This first straightforward method will teach you how to highlight or shade a text box on Canva web. Remember, this method will highlight an entire text box.

And, if you wish to highlight a particular word or portion of a text, kindly jump over to the next method.

Follow the given steps to highlight in Canva:

Step 1: Add Text Box To Your Design

To add a text box in Canva, select the Text option on the left menu and add an appropriate text box like a heading, subheading, or simple body:

Add Text Box in Canva

In this way, the text box will be added to your design. Now, write your desired text in that text box.

Also, you can use formatting options like size, font family, color, etc. to give your text box a beautiful look.

Step 2: Navigate To Effects

First, select the text box container that you need to highlight.

Then, choose Effects on the upper properties menu:

Click on Effects

Step 3: Choose Background Style

Under the Style section, many text effects will be listed. Chose the Background option from them:

Choose Background under Style section

Your selected text box will become highlighted. These were the simple steps to highlight text on Canva web.

Step 4: Customize The Background

Once done, you can modify the background according to your taste. Canva provides plenty of features to play with the text background.

For instance, it enables you to change the background color, its spread, roundness, and transparency.

Furthermore, you can change the shape of the text as well. Depending on your design, you can use the Curve text effect as well to make your text skew:

change highlight color, roundness, transparency

This is the easiest method to put color behind the text in Canva. As mentioned earlier, this method highlights the entire text box with color.

If you only have to apply a highlighter effect on one or two words then, either you can add multiple text boxes or follow the next method.

Method 2: Shade Text In Canva

This method is more suitable if you just need to highlight a particular word(s) or portion of a text box.

By following this method, you can highlight an entire text box and a part of the text as well.

Follow the given step-by-step guide to highlight words in Canva:

Step 1: Add Square Shape

Actually, we’ll wrap the desired text around a square shape and adjust its background color and size that suits the context to make our text highlighted.

On the left pane, go to the Elements tab, and choose Square figure under Lines and Shapes. You can directly type “Square” in the search bar as well:

Select Square shape under Lines & Shapes

You’re not bound to use the Square shape only. If another shape would fit your design better, then go for that.

For instance, you can add a rounded square as well depending on your design.

Step 2: Customize Shape

Now, move the square in front of the word(s) you need to highlight:

Move Square shape in front of text box to highlight text in Canva

Use the shape properties pane to change the color and size of the shape.

Step 3: Move Shape Backward

Note: If the Square shape is already positioned backward then, skip this portion.

Now, we have to move the square shape backward of the text that you want to highlight.

First, right-click on the square shape, and click on Send Backward.

Note: Alternately, you can press CTRL+[ shortcut key after selecting the square shape.

The shape will be positioned backward and the desired portion of the text will be shaded. You can apply this method to an entire text box as well.

If you still need to customize the shape then, select the text box, where you placed the square, and press CTRL+ALT+[ shortcut key to select an element behind another element.

The square will come forward, now, make customizations and press CTRL+[ to again position the shape backward.

This method is very handy if you want to only highlight particular words or a part of a text. Moreover, you can apply this method to an entire text box as well.

Editing in the Canva app doesn’t require a high-speed internet connection so it’s fine to connect with a lower GHz frequency WiFi as it’s enough to highlight in Canva.

Furthermore, Canva doesn’t consume too much internet data, so your friend can share the internet with you even without a hotspot so you can create your designs easily.

How To Highlight Text In Canva Mobile?

If want to shade a particular text in the Canva mobile app then, this section will guide you on how you can do that.

Again we have two methods in the Canva app as well. The first method highlights a text box and the second one uses a square shape to fill your letters with a background.

Method 1: Highlight A Text In Mobile

This method will highlight a text box in the Canva app. Due to the different interface in the Canva app, the steps are slightly different.

Follow the given Steps to highlight using Canva mobile app:

Step 1: Add Text Box

To add a text box on Canva mobile app, tap on the + icon:

Tap on plus(+) icon

Navigate to the Text section and select Add a text box:

Add Text Box in Canva App

This way, you can add a text box on Canva mobile with only a few steps.

Now, you can add your desired text in this text box, you wish to highlight

Step 2: Tap On Effects

Select the text box, you added earlier, that you want to highlight.

Then, tap on Effects, located under your design:

Tap Effects under your design

Step 3: Select The Background Option

In the Style section, choose Background text effect:

Tap on Background effect under Style

Your text box will become highlighted with default background styles.

Step 4: Customize Background

You can, now, change the background color, roundness, transparency, and spread by again tapping on the Background option:

change highlight color, roundness, spread, etc. in Canva app

This way, you can highlight an entire text box in the Canva mobile app.

Follow the next method if you want to highlight only a portion of a text on Canva.

Method 2: Highlight Words In Canva App

If you want to highlight a word(s) or a particular portion of a text on Canva mobile then, this method will help you.

All the steps are explained below:

Step 1: Add Some Text

To add text on the Canva mobile app, you can use a text box. To add a text box, tap on the + icon then, select the Text option, and choose an appropriate text box according to your need.

Once added, you can add your desired text and make customizations like font, color, size, etc.

Step 2: Add Square Shape

Tap on the + icon.

Go to the Elements tab and choose Square figure:

Add Square shape to highlight text in Canva app

Step 3: Adjust A Shape

Now, you can change the appearance of a shape like its color and size. In addition to default colors, you can paste your own hex code if you prefer to use custom colors.

After that, move this shape to the front of the text you want to highlight.

Step 4: Position The Shape To Backward

Note: Skip this step if the square shape is already positioned backward.

Select Position, located under your Canva design.

Then, choose the Backward option. The text layer will come forward.

That’s it. The portion of the text will be highlighted i.e. you have successfully added color behind the text box in the Canva app.

Why Do We Highlight Text In Canva?

Canva is the most widely used platform to create different designs like slides, YouTube thumbnails, infographics, posters, social media graphics, and much more.

The more beautiful the design is, the more viewers it will attract. The use of different effects such as shadow, lift, and echo, will make your text stand out and your design will look much better.

And to make the design more beautiful, highlighting a text plays a crucial role. Let’s see some of the benefits of highlighting a text:

  1. To draw users’ attention to a particular part: If there’s an important word(s) or a portion of a text, highlighting that text can give you a great benefit. In this way, users will not miss that portion of important information.
  2. To make the background different: In many designs, the same colors can be boring. Highlighting a particular line or text will make it more eye-catching and visible to the viewer.
  3. To make a design more beautiful: If you want to create a beautiful design that people will love, you need to emphasize/highlight some parts of your text. It’ll add some beauty to your design too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Keyboard Shortcut Key For Highlighting?

Unfortunately, there’s no shortcut key to directly highlight a text in Canva. You have to go through a manual process to shade or highlight a text.

How To Highlight Part Of A Text?

To highlight a part of the text, navigate to Elements. Under Lines & Shapes section, select a square figure and place it in front of your desired part of a text. You can change color and size of square. Then, click on Position and select Backward.

Can I Highlight Text in the Free Version Of Canva?

Yes, you can highlight a text in the free version. Although the premium version unlocks extra features, this simple task can be performed without paying anything.

How To Add Text Box In Canva?

To add a text box in Canva, navigate to the Text section located in the left sidebar. Here, you can add a text box according to your needs like a Heading, Subheading, body, or simply a text box. Click on any option and the text box will be added to your design.

How To Outline Text In Canva?

To outline text in Canva, create a duplicate of your desired text > click Effects > select Hollow under the Style section. Finally, place this hollow text in front of your original text. This way, your desired text will be outlined. Now, you can change the color of the outlined letters as well.

How To Add Background To Text Box In Canva?

To add a background to the text box, select the text box > navigate to Effects > select the Background option under the Style section. The background will be added to a text box. Now, you can change background color, spread, roundness, transparency, and shape as well. This way, you can put color behind the text in Canva.

Can You Do Gradient Text In Canva?

Yes, we can create gradient text in Canva by using letter frames. To make gradient text, complete a text by using frame letters then, put your desired gradient image or color into those frame letters. This way, you can make a gradient text on Canva.

How To Add A Border To Text Box In Canva?

To add a border around your text box, go to Elements. In Lines & Shapes section, search for a Square Border shape and wrap your text box around this shape. This way you can put a border to the text box. There’s no direct way to include a border around the text.

Can You Wrap Text in Canva?

Yes, you can certainly wrap your text around various shapes. To wrap text in Canva, add a suitable shape to your canvas, put it in front of your desired text, and, change the styling of the shape according to your liking. Then, position the shape behind your text. This way, you can wrap your text in Canva.

Can You Use a Highlighter on Canva?

Unfortunately, Canva doesn’t provide a highlighter to emphasize the important words. However, there are some hacks to highlight text on Canva. For instance, you can change the background color of a text box. You can use this trick in place of a highlighter.

Wrapping Up

Text highlighting is one of the most important and fundamental features of Canva that every designer must be aware of.

You can use any method to highlight a text and give a creative look to your design and grab users’ attention.

So, this is how you can highlight a text in Canva and the Canva app. I hope you loved reading this guide. If so, show your love by spreading this article to others so that they can also get the benefit.

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