8 Fixes For Instagram Invite Collaborator Not Showing [2023]

Is the Invite Collaborator feature not showing on your Instagram account? Don’t worry, you’re not alone since many users are experiencing the same issue.

Fortunately, you can easily resolve this issue by implementing the methods we will cover in this comprehensive guide. Also, many users were able to find the Invite Collaborator feature after applying these tips.

If your Instagram Invite Collaborator is not showing, try disabling your private account, switching to a professional account, or joining the beta program. These methods helped many users to enable the Instagram Invite Collaborator feature.

If you want to see the step-by-step guide to access the Invite Collaboration feature on your Instagram account, stay engaged with this article until the end otherwise, you may skip an important step.

8 Fixes For Instagram Invite Collaborator Not Showing

As Invite Collaborator is relatively a new feature, many users are reporting that they can’t access it on their Instagram interface. However, you can easily troubleshoot this problem since we have compiled a list of solutions to help you resolve this issue.

Follow these methods if your Instagram Invite Collaborator isn’t showing:

  1. Update Instagram app: Make sure you have the latest Instagram app version because the outdated version doesn’t support the Invite Collaborator feature as it’s a new addition to the app.
  2. Switch to a professional account: If you can’t find the Collab feature on your personal Instagram account, switch to a professional account. Many Instagram users were able to enable the Invite Collaborator feature by changing their account type to professional.
  3. Join Beta Program: Try joining the beta program to access the Invite Collaboration feature on your Instagram account. It’ll allow you to access the latest and upcoming features early including the Invite Collab.
  4. Make Account Public: If you have a private Instagram account and can’t access the Collab feature, make your account public from the Instagram settings. Then, check if the option is visible or not.
  5. Re-login Instagram Account: Log out from your Instagram account and log in back. Sometimes, it becomes a useful method to solve temporary Instagram glitches. It may help you access the Invite Collaborator feature.
  6. Clear Instagram App Cache: Clearing the Instagram app cache helps to resolve minor technical glitches in the app. It’ll fetch the latest data and can fix this issue. Try this method and verify if it works.
  7. Check Instagram Status: Verify if the Instagram server is down or working properly. If it’s down, the Collaborator option may not appear in the Tag People section. Therefore, you must wait for the issue to resolve itself.
  8. Contact Instagram Support: Take a screenshot that shows the missing “Invite Collaborator” option then, reach out to the Instagram support team and explain the issue to them. They will help you to find a solution to this problem.

Check out these fixes to enable Instagram Invite Collaborator:

1) Update the Instagram app

As the Instagram Collaborator is a new feature, it’s not available in older versions of the app. So, before implementing any troubleshooting method, make sure you have the updated version of the Instagram app.

Also, it’s recommended to enable the auto-update option to get the latest features on time. You can easily update the Instagram app from the Play Store (for Android users) or App Store (for iPhone users).

Follow the given steps to update the Instagram app:

Search Instagram on Google Play Store
Update Instagram app
  1. Open the App Store or Play Store app
  2. Search for the Instagram app
  3. If an update button is available, install it on your device
  4. Once done, restart the app
  5. Now, verify if the Invite Collaborators button appears or not

2) Switch to a Professional Account

Sometimes, the Collab option may not appear on personal Instagram accounts because the Invite Collaborator feature is specifically designed for creators, providing enhanced collaboration capabilities for optimized workflow and content creation.

Several users have reported that after switching to a professional account, they were able to enable the “Invite Collaborator” option. You just need to follow some on-screen instructions to change the account type.

So, if you have a personal account but can’t find the Collaborator feature, change your account type to professional and the issue will certainly be resolved. Don’t worry, you can always switch back to the personal account anytime.

Follow the given instructions to switch to a professional Instagram account:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your smartphone
  2. Tap on the profile icon > then, select three horizontal lines (☰) from the top-right corner
Go to your Instagram profile
Tap on three horizontal lines
Tap on Settings and Privacy
  1. Choose ?revision=1946921019013361&name=instagram newsettings ios&density=1 Settings and Privacy from the pop-up menu bar
  2. Scroll down and select Account type and tools > Switch to professional account > tap on Continue
Go to Account type and tools
Select switch to professional account
Tap Continue to shift to professional account
  1. Select a suitable Category then, tap Done > Choose either Creator or Business account type > tap Next
select suitable category and click Done
Choose either Creator or Business account type
  1. You can signup for Promotional emails, select Next > then, tap cross ✖ to close the setup window
Tap Next to continue and enable Invite Collaborator option
Close Set up Professional account window
  1. Then, your account type will be changed to professional

Now, the Invite Collaborator option should be enabled on your Instagram account. You can verify it by navigating to the Tag People section before publishing any post or reel.

If you already have a business account and are still not able to access this option, move on to the next solution.

3) Join the Beta Program (Only Android)

Although the Instagram Invite Collaborator feature was officially rolled out in 2021 for all users, it may be missing for a small number of users. If you’re also one of them, you should join the Instagram Beta Program in order to enable the Collab feature.

Once you’ve become a beta tester, you’ll not only be able to access the Instagram collaborator but also the upcoming hidden features of the app before anyone else. However, the beta version may contain some temporary glitches too.

Unfortunately, iOS users can’t join the Instagram Beta Program as only Android users have access to it. Follow these steps to join the Instagram Beta Program to get the Invite Collaborator option:

  1. Open Google Play Store on your Android device
  2. Search for the Instagram app > scroll down and tap the Join button under Join the Beta section > select Join again to confirm
Search for the Instagram app
Tap join to join the beta program
Tap join again to confirm
  1. Then, wait for a few seconds until the process is completed
  2. After that, open the beta version of the Instagram app > and check if the Invite Collaborator option is available

Now, check if you can send collaboration invites in the Tag People section before publishing any reel or post.

4) Make the Account Public

The Instagram Collaborator feature can be used with both public and private accounts to facilitate users to collaborate with others regardless of their account settings.

However, private accounts have some limitations that could potentially be causing the issue with the Collab feature. If you have a private Instagram account, you should try disabling it to check if the Invite Collaborator option appears.

The steps and user interface are the same on both Android and iPhone. Follow the given steps to disable the private account on Instagram:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your Android or iPhone
  2. Tap on the profile picture > Hamburger menu (☰) > ?revision=1946921019013361&name=instagram newsettings ios&density=1 Settings and Privacy
Go to your Instagram profile
Tap on three horizontal lines
Tap on Settings and Privacy
  1. Navigate to Account Privacy settings > toggle off Private account > tap Switch to public
Go to Account privacy settings
Toggle off private account
Tap Switch to public to disable private account and enable Invite Collaborator
  1. Your Instagram account will become public

Now, verify if the “Invite Collaborators” option has appeared in the “Tag People” section. Make sure to check it before posting anything.

5) Re-login Instagram Account

This is another straightforward but effective method to troubleshoot this problem. Simply log out of your Instagram account and log in back. Once you re-login into the app, it automatically synchronizes the data to its server and it may enable the Invite Collaborator feature as well.

It will also resolve technical glitches such as the Instagram voice messages issue, story unavailability, and more.

Additionally, if you have multiple Instagram accounts, try logging into each one and check if the Collaborator option is available on those accounts or not. It’ll verify if the issue is with your Instagram account.

Follow the given steps to logout Instagram account:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your smartphone
  2. Tap on the profile icon > three horizontal lines (☰) > select Settings and Privacy from the pop-up menu
Go to your Instagram profile
Tap on three horizontal lines
Tap on Settings and Privacy
  1. Scroll down and select Log Out [username]
Log out and Log in back to Instagram account
  1. Then, enter your credentials to log in back

Now, verify if you’re able to Invite Instagram Collaborators or not before posting anything.

6) Clear Instagram App Cache

Instagram uses a cache to store temporary files to enhance its users’ experience. However, these cached files can become outdated or corrupted over time due to various reasons. The collaborator problem can also occur because of these old cache data.

Clearing the app cache will flush the outdated files and ensure you’re getting the latest data from the Instagram servers. It’ll fix various Instagram issues, including the missing invite collaborator feature.

Here’s how to clear the Instagram app cache:

On Android:

Tap and hold Instagram app icon and select App info
Select storage usage
Tap Clear Cache to delete Instagram app cache
  1. Tap and hold the Instagram app icon
  2. Select the Info icon ⓘ to open app settings> Storage usage
  3. Tap Clear Cache > then, tap OK to confirm

On iPhone:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Navigate to General > iPhone Storage
  3. Locate the Instagram app and select it
  4. Tap Delete App > then, select Delete App again to confirm
  5. Now, install the Instagram app again and log into your Instagram account

Once you’ve cleared your app cache, try opening up Instagram again and see if the missing button of “Invite Collaborator” is now available or not.

7) Check Instagram Status

Although it’s rare, however, the availability of the “Invite Collaborator” feature on Instagram may be affected due to server maintenance or downtime. Users often face these technical glitches from time to time.

Check if Instagram Server is down

If the server is down, you may not be able to use most of the Instagram features. To make sure the issue is not caused by a server glitch, you can visit any of the following websites:

  1. Down Detector
  2. Is It Down Right Now
  3. Down For Everyone Or Just Me

What do these websites do? These websites display the current uptime of popular websites including Instagram.

If you see any message that says “Website is down”, it means that Instagram’s services are unavailable at this time globally due to any technical issue. In this case, you’ll have to wait until the issue gets resolved by the Instagram team.

8) Contact the Support Team

If you’re still unable to find the Invite Collaborator option even after implementing all the above methods, you should get in touch with the Instagram Support team for further assistance.

Simply explain your issue and the support team will provide you with professional assistance in resolving the problem. You can contact Instagram Support by following the given instructions:

  1. Navigate to Instagram Settings
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and select Help > tap Report a Problem > select Report a Problem again
tap on Help button
Choose Report a Problem option
Select Report a problem to Contact Instagram support team
  1. Select Include and Continue > Explain your problem in this way:
Tap on Include and Continue
Type your issue about Instagram Collaborator and Send it

Dear Suppor Team!

I’m facing an issue with the Invite Collaborator feature on my Instagram account. The “Invite Collaborator” button is not available in the Tag People section before publishing any Reels or posts. I have tried all the possible methods to troubleshoot this issue, but none of them have worked. Could you please help me resolve this problem?

Thanks for your assistance

  1. Also, attach the screenshot that shows the missing Invite Collaborator option to support your claim
  2. Then, tap Send or Submit button

Once you’ve submitted the issue, you’ll soon get a response from Instagram’s support team. After the issue is resolved, you can send invites to collaborators for content creation.

Why Invite Collaborator Feature Is Not Showing On Instagram?

It’s difficult to mention the exact cause of why the Invite Collaborator feature is not showing on Instagram.


The most common reasons for missing the Instagram Invite Collaborator feature include an outdated Instagram app, a private account, or having a personal Instagram account. Fix these issues to enable the Invite Collaborator option on your account.

First, focus on troubleshooting these issues because many Instagram users have reported that they’ve resolved this problem by fixing the above problems.

Furthermore, the necessary steps to resolve these issues have already been explained above.

What Does Invite Collaborator Mean on Instagram?

Instagram introduced the “Invite Collaborator” feature to allow multiple users to collaborate with each other and create content together. The content includes reels, posts, and stories.

This collaborator tool is particularly useful for creators, businesses, and organizations. It offers a collaborative approach to content creation, leveraging the creativity and skills of multiple users.

Additionally, the collaborative reel or post will be shared on the profiles of all the Instagram collaborators which will help you expand the content reach. So, Instagram, the popular social networking platform, made the collaboration process much easier for its users.

You can invite up to 5 collaborators on your reel or post before publishing. Once the collaborators accept your invitation, they’ll be able to edit the reel or post as per their preference. You can also remove a collaborator at any time.

Where is The Invite Collaborator Button on Instagram?

Do you not know where the Invite Collaborator feature is located?

When creating an Instagram reel or post, go to the “Tag People” section. You’ll find the “Invite Collaborator” button there before you publish your content.

Then, you can select a maximum of 5 collaborators. Once the collaborators accept your invitation, you can start creating content together.

If you can’t find the Invite Collaborator Button under Tag People, you should follow the above-mentioned methods to fix this glitch.

How to Enable Invite Collaborator on Instagram?

You don’t need to follow specific steps to enable this feature. If you have an updated Instagram app, it comes pre-enabled by default. This feature is accessible for both private and public accounts, as well as personal and professional accounts.

However, many users are complaining that the Invite Collaboration feature isn’t showing on their Instagram accounts.

To enable the Instagram “Invite Collaborator” option, follow the given methods:

  1. Update your Instagram app
  2. Disable your private account
  3. Switch to a professional account
  4. Join the beta program
  5. Contact the Instagram Support team

These steps will surely help you troubleshoot this issue as soon as possible.

Why Can’t I Accept Collaboration on Instagram?

Several users are currently facing an issue where they have received invitations for collaborations but are unable to accept them. They can’t even find the review button to accept the invitation.

So, how can you accept requests for collaboration on Android or iPhone?

You can only review and accept the collaboration request from the Notifications ♡ section. Within the Message ✉ section, you can view the requests only, but you will not find the review and accept button.

So, find the collaboration request notification and tap the Review button to accept it. Make sure to enable Instagram Notifications to stay informed about collaboration requests.

After accepting the request, you can make successful collaborations with others and create content together.

Can Private Instagram Accounts Invite Collaborators?

Yes, private Instagram accounts can also invite collaborators.

It doesn’t matter if your Instagram account is private or public, you can still invite up to 5 collaborators for the post or reel. However, a private Instagram account can only send invitations to users who are already following you.

Therefore, make sure that the collaborator is following your private account before sending them an invitation.

Once they accept your invitation, they can start creating content with you. As a credit to collaborators, their usernames will be displayed on the reel or post.

Moreover, the content will also be shared with their followers in order to expand the reach of your content.

Why Is Instagram Collab Post Not Showing on Feed?

Instagram users also face this issue where the collaborative post or reel doesn’t appear on their feed.

If the Instagram Collab post is missing from your news feed, try refreshing the Instagram feed, clearing the app cache, or re-logging into your Instagram account. These tips will ensure that your collaborative post becomes visible.

The posts on Instagram feed are available for only a short period of time so, make sure to check it as soon as possible.

Can I Invite Collaborator On Instagram After Posting?

No, unfortunately, you cannot invite collaborators after posting the content on Instagram. The Invite Collaboration option will not be available once the post has been published.

Therefore, if you want to include a collaborator in your post or reel, make sure that you invite them before posting the content in the Tag People section.

However, you can always delete the post anytime and repost it with collaborators if you forgot to invite them before publishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need a Public Account to Use the Collab Feature?

No, there’s no need to have a public Instagram account to use the Collaboration feature. Private accounts can also invite collaborators as long as they are following your account. However, make sure that you invite the collaborators before posting the content.

How Many Collaborators Can You Add on Instagram?

Now, you can invite up to 5 collaborators for a single post or reel. However, you should add them before publishing anything. The content will be shared on the profiles of all the collaborators to expand your content reach to a wider audience through collaboration.

Why Can’t I Do a Collab Post on Instagram?

If you’re facing issues regarding Instagram collab posts, make sure to update the Instagram app, consider switching to a professional account, join the beta program, or reach out to the Instagram support team for professional assistance. These steps will help you resolve this issue quickly.

How Many Followers Do You Need to Collab on Instagram?

There is no minimum follower requirement for sending or receiving collaboration requests on Instagram. You can invite collaborators to your Instagram account, even if it is new and has zero followers. Once they accept the invitation, they can start creating content with you.

Can Anyone Do a Collab Post on Instagram?

Yes, anyone can do a collab post on Instagram as long as you have an active Instagram account. There are no limitations on the account type as well. As long as you invite users before posting anything, they will be able to collaborate with you.

Can I Use Invite Collaborator Feature on Instagram Web?

No, the Invite Collaboration feature is currently available only on the Instagram mobile app. In the future, the collaborator option might also be available on Instagram Web but for now, you need a mobile app to send collaboration requests.

What is The Difference Between Collaborator and Tag on Instagram?

Tagging someone means mentioning them in your post so that their name appears. Tagged users don’t need to accept the invitation. Collaborator allows you to invite others to join your post or reel to create the content together. Also, collaborators need to accept the request first.


Invite Collaborator is a wonderful feature to make engaging and creative content with other Instagram users. Also, it helps you expand the reach of your content since the content is shared with all the collaborators.

However, if you’re having trouble with the Invite Collaborator option not showing on your Instagram account, you can use the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article.

Remember to invite users before posting anything so that you can easily collaborate with them because the invite collaborator option is not available after posting. Also, disable third-party apps to avoid conflicts with the official Instagram app.

I hope you have fixed the invite collaborator error. If you found this guide helpful then make sure to share it with others who may also be struggling with the same issue.

Happy Collaborating! 🎉

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