What Students Really Thought About Using AI Writing Tools in 2023 – A Survey

Lots of students have been using AI writing tools to help with essays and research papers. 

We spoke with various students to understand how these tools made a difference. Their stories not only highlight how practical these tools are but also provide a deeper look at how technology impacts academic success. 

Exploring the student perspective shows the many ways AI writing tools are becoming a crucial part of education, challenging old ways and changing how success works in school. 

Now, let’s hear what these students had to say about their experiences with AI writing tools.

Sarah, a freshman venturing through her first semester of English Literature, discovered the potential of PerfectEssayWriter.ai when faced with a difficult research paper on Milton’s Paradise Lost. 

She expressed: “PerfectEssayWriter.ai was a real game-changer for me. I added the topic and key concepts, and it not only crafted a solid outline but also provided insightful suggestions for relevant sources. It acted as the kickstart for my research paper and helped me build a strong argument. Thanks to the assistance of this tool, I achieved an impressive A- for my paper.

Mason, a junior studying Sociology, found EssayService.ai really useful. When he used it for his sociology essay, it wasn’t just a quick fix. 

Mason said: “EssayService.ai has been like having a writing ally by my side. It not only highlighted gaps in my analysis but also suggested alternative perspectives that hadn’t crossed my mind. Instead of taking the easy route and completing the work for me, it pushed me to think critically and refine my own ideas.

Taylor, a second-year student exploring History, used MyEssayWriter.ai to help with a tough history assignment. 

When talking about it, Taylor said, “MyEssayWriter.ai was really helpful when I was working on a hard history task. I put in the topic and some key points, and it gave me a well-organized draft, saving me time and effort. But I learned it’s crucial to check and add my own thoughts. It’s like having a useful guide; it gives you a good beginning, but you have to add your own ideas to make it truly yours.

Lastly, Jessica, a junior majoring in History, decided to try FreeEssayWriter.ai for her latest research project. However, she didn’t sound really convinced. 

She reflected, “I used Rytr for my research paper, but the results were disappointing. The tool provided a generic structure, but the content lacked depth and originality. It felt like a cut-and-paste job without a genuine understanding of historical nuances.

We talked with several other students as well, and most of them liked using AI writing tools because they saved time. However, some mentioned that these tools can sometimes limit their own ability to think creatively.

Wrapping Up!

What we’ve learned from students using different AI writing tools is that these tools are handy for saving time and giving ideas. 

The reviews all say the same thing: these tools are like teammates in writing, but you shouldn’t only depend on them. 

They’re good at helping you make outlines and suggestions. But the important part is to mix in your own thoughts to keep your work special and true to you. 

As we finish talking about these tools, the big idea is to use them carefully, like helpers and not replacements. 

Working together with these tools, alongside your own thinking, is the best way to make your writing better. It’s like a teamwork approach that helps you while keeping your work honest.


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