What Makes the Dual Screen of HONOR Magic V2 Great?

You may be thinking of getting a foldable phone right now. The best in the market right now is the HONOR Magic V2. If you want to buy HONOR Magic V2 today, you will reap the benefits of owning a dual screen for your device. In this article, you will read more about the many benefits of owning a phone with dual screens. 

Benefits of Having a Dual Screen Phone on the HONOR Magic V2

The two screens offer the same specs 

Compared to other devices in the market, when you buy HONOR Magic V2 as a gift for yourself, you are actually getting two displays for the price of one. And these two screens have the same specifications. Both the 6.43-inch screen and the 7.92-inch screen have around 90 percent screen-to-body ratios. They also offer a large field of view for the user. You can use any of the screens available and not have any degradation in the quality of video and photos displayed. 

Both screens protect your eyes

Aside from the screen-to-body ratio and field of view, you also get a 120Hz LTPO and 3840 PWM dimming. The refresh rate and the pulse width modulation risk-free dimming help your eyes adjust to the displays on the screen and not strain them. Having this feature allows you to have a better viewing experience without jeopardizing the health of your eyes. You can continually enjoy looking at and utilizing your phone without giving your eyes much stress. 

Because of the reduction in the flicker on the display of the phone, you are also getting less eye fatigue. Whether you are reading an e-book during the night or just looking at your social media feeds, you can say that your eyes are safe when you use your HONOR Magic V2.  

You have two options to navigate your device

Having a foldable phone with two high-quality displays means that you can navigate different apps using the smaller screen or the bigger one. Some folding phones make it difficult for you to move from one display to another. With the HONOR technology, it is quite seamless to transition from the 6.43-inch to the 7.92-inch display. When you are on the smaller screen, it makes you feel that you are on a standard form factor of a device. You can then switch to the bigger display if you want a better field of view or you just want to better navigate the apps that you have already opened. 

You can switch from one view to the other and not have to deal with delays or flaws. HONOR has made sure of the convenience that you will get when you use their produced device. The HONOR Magic V2 is a great assistant for your everyday work. 

Two is better than one 

It is just better to have an additional display when you need one. Some of you may prefer using the bigger screen while some would still want the standard size. Why choose one from the other when you can have both? Use the strengths of both screens and put them to your advantage.

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Having a dual screen for the phone has, indeed, numerous benefits. When you buy HONOR Magic V2 this season, you will also get a great deal because you are not just having dual screens but you will also acquire the other features that this phone has. You will get the thin design, the eye protection features, the powerful processor, and trustworthy cameras. You should seriously consider getting the HONOR Magic V2 as your next device. 

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