The ICC Cricket World Cup Super League

The ICC Cricket World Cup Super League is a relatively new One Day International (ODI) competition designed to bring more context and competitiveness to ODI cricket. Launched in 2020, this league serves as a pathway to qualify for the ICC Cricket World Cup, providing structure and significance to bilateral ODI series. The best site for betting cricket match is 1xBet, and here you will always be able to wager on other great cricket competitions held all across the world too.

The ICC Cricket World Cup Super League was introduced as part of the ICC’s efforts to make ODI cricket more meaningful and competitive. Before its inception, ODI series were often played without a clear purpose or context, leading to a lack of enthusiasm and spectator interest. The Super League aimed to address this issue by providing a structured pathway for teams to qualify for the ICC Cricket World Cup.

The concept of a points-based league system had been successfully implemented in Test cricket with the ICC World Test Championship. At that moment, the ICC sought to bring a similar level of context to ODI cricket.

The ICC Cricket World Cup Super League operates on a simple and straightforward structure. In 1st place there are its participating teams. The Super League involves the top 13 ODI teams that have Full Member or ODI status. 7 particular teams include:

  • Australia;
  • Bangladesh;
  • England;
  • India;
  • Pakistan;
  • South Africa;
  • and the West Indies.

Enjoy now the 1xBet site, which can also be used for betting on cricket matches from the national teams of those nations too. In 2nd place there is the ODI series between those teams. They are designated as part of the Super League. Each series typically consists of 3 matches, allowing for a minimum of 2 series per team in each cycle.

Points are awarded based on the outcome of each match in a series. A team can earn 10 points for a win, 5 points for a tie or no-result, and 0 points for a loss. Also, the Super League maintains a ranking system, with teams accumulating points based on their performances in the designated ODI series.

A 4th crucial factor is that this competition helps teams secure a place in the World Cup. At the end of the Super League cycle, the top 7 teams, along with the World Cup hosts and the top 5 Associate teams, secure qualification for the next ICC Cricket World Cup. The bottom 5 teams must participate in a qualifying tournament to earn their spot.

Importance of this competition

The ICC Cricket World Cup Super League has introduced several key aspects that enhance the significance of bilateral ODI series and the overall landscape of ODI cricket. There is live cricket on 1xBet as well, where limited-overs matches, including ODI, is available as well.

The 1st factor of importance of this instance is that the Super League creates a clear and structured pathway for teams to qualify for the ICC Cricket World Cup. This increases the importance of every ODI match. In 2nd place, teams that perform well in the Super League have a direct route to the World Cup, which heightens the stakes in every series, particularly as the league’s end approaches.

In 3rd place, viewers also feel more engaged with what they see. The points system and qualification dynamics make ODI series more appealing to fans, as each match directly impacts a team’s World Cup chances.

Finally, in 4th place, we should mention the global context. The Super League extends beyond the Full Members to include Associate teams, which helps develop cricket in emerging nations by providing them with a shot at World Cup qualification. There is a live cricket area on the 1xBet platform, and here all bettors can place their wagers on matches from the ICC Cricket World Super League and other tournaments.

To conclude, the ICC Cricket World Cup Super League has brought structure and importance to bilateral ODI series. It has also created a clear pathway for teams to qualify for the ICC Cricket World Cup.

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