The Future of Smartphone Devices: What Will Be the Priorities of the Next Decade?

Every year brings a fresh new wave of features and upgrades into our hands. The world of smartphones is in constant flux. Their importance in our lives cannot be overstated as we rely on them greatly.

Just to paint a picture, the year 2022 saw 1.39 billion units of these devices being sold globally. Forecasts suggest that in 6 years, this number will climb to 1.78 billion. The smartphones of the past had plenty to write about, but let’s talk facts; they don’t hold a candle to the ones we have today. Blazing fast 5G speeds, foldable displays, and whatnot.

However the work doesn’t stop here, the future remains shrouded in mystery. Let us lift the veil and show you what the future of smartphones holds 10 years from now.

Decentralized Applications and Built-in Wallets

If you’ve stayed ahead of tech-based updates, you might be aware of the crypto boom of the decade. Presently, all crypto assets sum up to over $1 trillion. This surge is due to their use in investments and online shopping as well. These currencies are expected to come to the mobile industry in the future and will likely influence how our phones are developed and function.

One of the most exciting features of phones of the future we can expect are decentralized apps (dApps) and built-in crypto wallets. 

If you don’t know what decentralized wallets are, they are apps that allow us to manage our crypto assets. Since crypto functions using blockchain tech, if we have these wallets, we can do P2P transactions. This method is safer as well as more efficient and results in less costs. This is a key feature that future phones might have right out of the gate. Additionally, dApps are growing too as more and more apps are being developed to target this industry. Future smartphones might see a dedicated app store for these types of apps and services.

One area where the trend of crypto shines is online casinos. These are platforms where gamers can play using their cryptocurrencies. This is one prominent example of a crypto activity that mobile phone users regularly engage in. Because of the nature of crypto, these platforms are more secure as well as convenient. According to stats, 80% of the people who enjoy online crypto casino games play on their smartphones. This shows how the smartphone industry is being affected and changed by the rise of crypto. Fast transactions from built-in crypto wallets in the future will offer gamers ease while paying. 

Graphene Batteries

Ever since we invented smartphones, we have been powering them using lithium-ion batteries. This type of battery has more power cells in a small form factor. However, these batteries tend to have issues.

Over time, the batteries fail and can hold less charge and energy. Additionally, you will notice your phone’s battery draining very quickly which is a sign of a bad battery. To counter this, graphene batteries are being tested as an alternative. 

Graphene is lightweight yet strong at the same time. It does this while accommodating a higher energy charge. It also has the ability to recharge at a faster rate when compared to Li-ion batteries. You can expect greater usage of your phone with it.

Artificial Intelligence in Smartphones

AI in smartphones is not a new concept. Apple’s Siri and Google’s Assistant are AI services that are already built into phones. But in the future, even more AI-powered features are expected to be added that will benefit us.

With the release of ChatGPT to the public, the usage of AI chatbots is increasing. New apps are being developed for smartphones. However, we are likely to see either existing AI services become more powerful using this tech or another entirely new AI that will revolutionize smartphones in the coming decade.

Additionally, AI is expected to change the way we capture stock photos and use our phones. For pictures, it will identify objects much better and process images with the best settings. Likewise, AI will optimize the battery usag

Additionally, AI is expected to change the way we capture photos and use our phones. For pictures, it will identify objects much better and process images with the best settings. Likewise, for the battery, AI will optimize its usage.

Bezel-Less Displays

Smartphones right now have more screen space and fewer bezels as compared to the past. However, we have not quite reached the ‘bezel-less state’ yet. Even the smartphones that do exist and claim they have no bezels have problems like accidental touches.

The dream of a fully bezel-less display is in pursuit. Corporations such as Samsung have declared their efforts towards developing such a phone for the coming times. This tech would enhance our viewing experience during usage. Additionally, they may be lightweight and easier to carry.

Exciting times are ahead in the realm of mobile development. Crypto dApps, AI-powered revolution, and better batteries will surely benefit us all in the end. Let’s be patient and hope mobile phone makers will make good on their commitments. Regardless, advancement is bound to happen as future phones will undeniably outshine today’s models.


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