Secrets of leveling up and making money in GTA online

GTA 5 appeared in the gaming industry exactly ten years ago and made a splash among players due to its graphics, storyline, realistic Los Angeles and the ability to continue interesting gameplay online.

Despite their advanced age, there are still players who have never tried the online mode and the GTA boosting experience will be their first; this guide will be for such players.

Complete the storyline

Despite the fact that you will not be able to go online from the first minutes of the game and GTA will immerse you in its gameplay until the second hero is revealed, it is still advisable for you to go through the entire storyline before plunging into the online world.

The fact is that GTA Online is built as a logical continuation of the entire storyline, and you will not feel the essence of all the characters that will come your way, although each of them has their own story and fate after meeting one of the three main characters.

But that’s not the point – the key mechanics that are in the online version appear in the storyline and if you go through the entire company, then you will simply be prepared and understand how the main mechanics work so that you can simply continue playing new tasks, missions and robberies.

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Play Week Modes

At the start of GTA online boosting, you will grab any missions, races and shootouts to increase your level, but what is more important is to follow the weekly mode, which has increased rewards for a certain period of time, and if your goal is pumping, then you will need everything experience boosters, at least until the opening of the first heists and serious tasks.


Play heists

In GTA Online, the robbery system has been developed and expanded in the same format in which you saw it in the storyline, but there are some differences.

You can start robberies yourself by paying for all stages of preparation, recruiting a team, and setting what percentage of the total revenue each participant will receive.

Or you can simply join ready-made stages of robbery from other players for the sake of GTA V boosting and money.

It is worth remembering that the jackpot is awarded at the final stage of the robbery. That is, if you go through all the stages of preparation, but do not get to the final stage, then you will simply receive a lot of experience, but without the final division of the loot for a successful robbery.

Typically, all heists are designed for four players, where each has their own role.

There are exceptions, two robberies that can be completed together – a bunker and Lester’s task, which is considered the first raid.

If you do not have the opportunity to join the final robbery phase, then it is better to either wait for it or carry out all stages of the robbery yourself.

Creating robberies yourself is profitable, because once you pass one milestone, you no longer lose it, even if the players let you down, leave the server, or outright screw up.

You can simply always recreate the heist from the most successful place.

For example, if you need to reconnoiter an object and steal a vehicle for escape, then when you have completed the exploration, but failed the theft of a vehicle, then you no longer need to go through reconnaissance, unless you start the robbery again after its successful completion.

This way you will gradually go through all the stages and the robbery itself and are guaranteed to receive money and a bonus for the first robbery.

Visit the Diamant establishment every day

No gambling, just once a day in GTA online you can spin the wheel of fortune and receive a random prize, including a car of the week, an increase in GTA V experience, clothes, money and other items.

Run your own business

In GTA online, you can become the owner of an office and warehouse where you can earn money.

Typically, this action occurs in two formats.

First – you find raw materials and bring them to your warehouse; it is not always possible to do this safely, without a time limit and the intervention of bandits, police and other players.

Second – you sell the accumulated goods in the warehouse. It is advisable to accumulate a full warehouse, since this way you can sell a large batch of goods faster and more profitably. You can, of course, lose it, but it’s better to act decisively and set ambitious goals, otherwise you will save up GTA boosting for a very long time.

By the way, experience is awarded for the distance traveled and traveled, and you will need to travel a lot to deliver cargo, so you will receive experience and money as an additional bonus.

It is most profitable to deal with cars, because if you manage to take on a task for a unique or expensive vehicle, then you will have the opportunity to earn 100 thousand dollars simply by driving it.

Just a piece of advice – when you move your car, a Mexican cortel will attack you, or rather, set up an ambush, which can lead to damage to your car and a decrease in its final value.

Any damage, at least from bandits, can be avoided if you have a sniper rifle.

You just slowly drive along the route and carefully look at the radar. As soon as red dots of enemies appear on it, you immediately stop, get out of the vehicle, take out a rifle and shoot all the enemies. Then you can continue moving until all three points of contact are destroyed.

Driving cars will allow you to quickly accumulate the necessary amounts for objects from which major robberies begin – a submarine, an island, a bunker – if you did not receive it as a gift with the game, apartments and penthouses.

Experience and its importance

In fact, boosting in GTA Online is important, but difficult only in the first stages, when serious modes with gaining experience are simply not available to you, but then, when you can use all the methods of obtaining it, you will begin your progress noticeably faster, especially if you play with friends.


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