Mastering Over/Under Wagering: A Comprehensive 7-Step Guide

Betting at non GamStop bookmaker sites is a gigantic phenomenon worldwide. Sports enthusiasts enjoy their afternoon or evening with sports on TV and want to top it all off with a bet. The most popular is football. Hundreds of top-class games take place every week, offering lovers of round leather plenty of opportunities to test their knowledge in practice. There are many betting markets available to you. One of them is the over/under bet, which we would like to introduce to you in the following article.

Over/under Bets Are a Nice Alternative at Non GamStop Bookmakers

Most players stick to traditional betting markets, especially when they first try sports betting. In football, the three-way bet is the most commonly used bet. It offers you the opportunity to choose between a home win, a draw and an away win. In fact, this betting mark is particularly recommended for beginners. However, there are numerous alternatives that will enrich your sports experience and give it an extra edge.

How Do Over/Under Bets Work at Non GamStop Bookmakers?

If you’ve never heard of it, don’t worry. Over/Under bets are very easy to understand and quickly explained. The best way to explain this is to look at a football game. There you will find, for example, bets on goals scored in a game. With an over/under bet of 2.5 goals, you have to guess whether there will be more or fewer than 2.5 goals in the game.

Don’t be surprised about the half goal. This is simply done to assign only two possible outcomes to the bet. Either there are more than 2 goals or not. If you think there will be a maximum of 2 goals, then bet your money on the under. If you think there will be at least 3 goals, bet your money on the over. As promised: Over/Under bets are not rocket science, you will definitely get the hang of it quickly.

Large Selection of Bets for Every Game

In the over/under betting market, there are many opportunities to make such bets on each game. The football game from our example not only offers you the opportunity to bet on more or less than 2.5 goals, but also offers 0.5 or 4.5 over/under bets. However, the most popular bet is the one with 2.5 goals. There is a good reason for this, which we would be happy to explain to you.

Two or Three Goals?

Although the statistics vary from league to league, it is clear that in football an average of 2.4 to 2.6 goals are scored per game. Therefore, a bet on 2.5 goals offers roughly the same odds for both under and over. Of course there are exceptions too. If Barcelona face a relegation candidate in the Spanish league, you will not receive the same odds for the Over 2.5 Goals bet as for the under. It is much more likely that more goals will be scored, and the non GamStop bookmakers know that too. If you still want to have good over odds on a game like this, you’ll need to lean towards the 4.5 over/under bet.

Beware of Average

Speaking of the average number of goals scored. Be warned, many players fall into the belief that average goals scored is a good indicator of future results. You look at the average goals scored by both teams and use them to calculate how many goals will probably be scored in the match. This actually sounds like a good idea at first, but this tactic has a catch. Even one game with a lot of goals can push the average up considerably.

In a simplified example, a team scores no goals in four games and five goals in the fifth game. The average is now 1 goal per game. In reality, this team doesn’t score a single goal in 80% of their games. You have to look a little more intensively into the clubs, players and circumstances of a match day in order to be able to give a well-founded tip.

A Suggested Strategy for Over/Under Betting

A strategy that is more promising requires a little more research on your part. Instead of looking at the averages, take a closer look at each game. For example, if you find out that in the last 15 games with Gladbach’s participation, more than 2.5 goals have only been scored 6 times, an under bet is a good idea. Especially if Gladbach’s next opponent shows a similar tendency.

Dig Deeper for Bigger Profits

As with all sports betting, the deeper you dig and get smart, the more likely you are to win. Experienced over/under players don’t just look at goals scored. They also study other statistics and videos on TV to get a better idea of ​​the goal threat each team poses in certain situations. The Over/Under betting market offers a wonderful opportunity to add variety to your sports betting and watch the games from a completely different perspective.

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