Impact of Technology on NFL

Many of the top sporting leagues have recently aimed to utilize a vast amount of technological devices and inputs to further improve the many facets of their game’s presentation which can include changes to game plans and player performance as well as other external methods that provide fans with a much more valuable insight and experience into their favorite sporting outings.

One of the most prominent sporting leagues that has since aimed to utilize several other means of technology as a way to improve the production and coverage of their many league contests is the industry’s most valuable sporting competition in the National Football League (NFL).

Since the 1960s, following the convoluted merger of the original NFL and its rivalling football league (the AFL), this sporting competition has continuously provided fans from an extensive group of audience members with an array of superstar athletic talent and names as well as several improbable contests and individual moments that are widely regarded as some of the very best that the industry has ever witnessed.

The Superbowl game, which was established following the subsequent merger of both leagues, has remained a focal point for all future sporting broadcasts and presentations as it continues to draw in a widespread amount of viewers from a vast majority of countries across the globe. In recent years, the NFL’s use of technology has not only enhanced the game experience but has also influenced the Super Bowl ticket cost, making it a topic of interest for fans and prospective attendees.

The NFL has also remained as one of the more dependent and vocal leagues when utilizing technology due to how the game is played, officiated and viewed from all different outlets and from every individual that is involved in maintaining its current sustainable level of success.

When it comes to discussing some of the latest technological developments and ventures that the league has since incorporated, there is a near endless listing of welcoming additions with many more arrivals expected to be introduced in the coming years.

These are some of the most prominently featured assets of technology that have greatly impacted the presentation of the NFL throughout the past few years.

  • Mobile sports betting:

With many of the nation’s individual state laws now aiming to adjust their stance regarding the once convoluted genre of sports betting, there are now multiple opportunities that have become widely available for all NFL fans to enjoy, with virtual mobile betting being a particular fan favorite.

Fans can now browse through some of the latest NFL or outright NFL Super Bowl odds using their own personal smart hub device and from the comfort of their own homes or wherever they plan to watch the game.

The technology involved in sports mobile betting has opened up a plethora of convenient opportunities for all parties involved in this related sector as such a commodity can provide fans with an even greater competitive drive to watch their team, or any related game, as they hope the match will reach the conclusion that they are predicting from their wager of choice.

  • Improvement in communication and player health evaluation:

Communication is a valuable asset within the NFL as coaching staff and players need to ensure that they are always on the same page ahead of the next resulting play to ensure that it will conclude with a successful outcome.

As a means to improve the communication between players on the field and coaches on the sidelines, the NFL has equipped an improved Bose headset for coaches and speakers that are fitting into the helmets for players as they aim to further block out any further external sound, which is a much welcomed feature for travelling teams at hostile stadiums.

Alongside this, technology has also allowed teams and medical staff to evaluate the health status of all players that are competing in the league today.

Some of the more notable additions in recent years include the BioStamp which is a small wearable patch that gathers data analytics as a means to provide feedback for a users’ physical performance.

Another key asset of technology that was recently fitted with NFL attire is the Link IAS which is a sensor that fits onto a headband and measures the impact that the skull has taken throughout the course of game by providing data to medical professionals who maybe checking for any serious or developing injuries to the head such as concussions.

  • Officiating:

While players are often viewed as the star of the show for every NFL games, professional referees are also gifted access to several other impressive technological devices that help them call the game in a much more fair and balanced manner without the risk of human error.

Should referees make a controversial decision, or wish to discuss a prior call into much more detail, they can use the numerous Microsoft tablets located on the sidelines and review the previous play using HD highlights from various different angles.

This has further helped referees to come to a much fairer consensus and allow the correct decision to made without any repercussions, with coaches also being able to throw out a red flag as a means to challenge a previous play that may not have gone in their favor.

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