How to Game on cyber sports: what you need to know

In this review – everything about betting on cyber sports: what games are included in the UK esports betting ine of bookmakers, how to bet on them and at which bookmakers it is better to do it.

The advantages of betting on cybersports

The bookmaker is not well versed in all games. Bookies are closely involved only in CS and Dota 2, and in the rest of them are simply guided by statistics. A player who knows the game has a good chance to take advantage of this. And in Dota there are also interesting bets in the line.

  • There are always a lot of matches. There is no off-season in cyber sports like in most sports. You will always find something to watch and bet on. 
  • The opportunity to understand the game through your own experience. You don’t have to go to the stadium and gather a team. It is enough to have a more or less good computer. 
  • Free broadcasts of all matches. All cyber sports competitions are broadcasted. Streams can be found on Twitch, and recently many go to Youtube as well. 
  • Easy to analyze. Unlike traditional sports, in Dota 2 and CS the player gets additional options that can help analyze matches properly. For example, in Dota 2, the “Dota TV” tool is available. In the “View” section, you will see a list of the games currently in progress, with the top matches being those of the people with the highest rating (better known as “mmr”). These are mostly professional or well-known players.

Disadvantages of betting on cybersports

One of the main disadvantages of cybersports for the bettor is the annoyingly imprecise schedule. Even at major tournaments, the start of matches is regularly delayed. You see in the schedule that the game will start at 19:00, you turn on the broadcast at 19:10, and there is still nothing happening. Sometimes the delay can last 1-2 hours.

Capper Alexander Gerasimov shares his opinion on the cons of betting on cyber:

  • Another aspect of betting on cyber that may surprise you after soccer or hockey is randomness. If the start of the match is postponed due to technical problems with computers or connection, it is at least tolerable. The bet is safe, the game will start only when everyone is ready. But if something happens in the course of the meeting, it’s GG WP Good Game Well Played. This phrase is traditionally written at the end of the game, and in many tournaments is used to give up before the throne falls. as they say. Problems with a participant’s connection have to be solved by an emergency replacement, which ruins the whole game plan. And if the bugs occur in the game itself, there is basically nothing to do. Unfortunately, the same Dota is famous for very unstable updates, after them for a long time there are terrible bugs.

Which games can be bet on now and whether you should do it or not

On a global average, three games dominate cybersport betting: CS, Dota 2 and League of Legends (LoL). LoL is essentially the same game as Dota 2, so let’s look at them together.

Dota 2 and LoL

The point of the games is that a team must destroy the opponent’s fortress. In Dota 2 this is Ancient (as the name Defence of the Ancients implies) or Tron, in LoL it is Nexus.

CS 2

A team-based first-person shooter from Valve (who also created Dota). The game is a direct successor of the legendary CS:GO, but has undergone many changes in comparison with it. Teams in unchanged compositions 5×5 play on one of the maps up to 13 won rounds. In case of a 12:12 draw, a 6-round overtime begins. If there is again a tie, another round of overtime and so on. The longest game on the CS pro scene lasted 88 rounds – almost 3 times longer than the standard 30. There are quite a lot of maps, but in cybersports there is a pool of 7 pieces, the so-called “Advanced Maps”. These are the only ones played in official tournaments.

The global goal of the terrorist team (T-side) is to plant a bomb and prevent the counter-terrorist team (CT-side) from clearing it. But the round can end with 3 outcomes: 

Bomb is planted and explodes – terrorist victory.

The bomb is planted and cleared – CT-side wins.

The entire opposing team is killed, in which case the bomb is irrelevant and it is not necessary to plant it.

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