How To Edit a PDF Without Adobe Acrobat in 2024

PDF is an extremely popular format, used especially for presenting and printing information in a combined graphic and text form. Adobe Systems created it and provided a free program to read it. However, to edit and create files in PDF format, you had to select the paid version of Adobe Acrobat. In this post you can even use some good alternatives to Acrobat.

Microsoft Word

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Many programs have the ability to save work results in the form of a PDF file, which is considered the basis for printing and one of the possible formats for reading information on the screen.

Among others, Microsoft Word, Open Office Writer, PDF Creator and almost all graphic processing and desktop publishing programs can create PDF. Many network devices and websites have built-in FPDF programs that allow you to print e.g. bank transfer confirmations, tickets purchased online or regulations. The problem appears later – when you already have the document in PDF format, but you want to change something in it.

A dedicated PDF editor

Not everything has to be done in the office. An intelligent tool that is always at hand will come in handy.

Dozens, if not hundreds, of applications, most often completely free, can read PDFs. You only need one of them, right? So you can download the free Adobe Reader, which was created just for this purpose. However, editing ready-made PDFs, encrypting and decrypting them may require an dedicated PDF application.

SwifDoo PDF

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SwifDoo PDF offers all the features you need to process and manage PDF documents. Creating PDF files from scratch. Various PDF editing modes. Ready-to-use birthday wishes templates on its website. Electronic signature solutions. File export and prints with one click.

This PDF program will help you at all stages of working with PDF files – from creating individual elements to presenting finished materials.
Advantages of SwifDoo PDF

  • Compact. The SwifDoo PDF program is only 23.1 MB.
  • Easy to use. The tool offers a user-friendly interface that is accessible even for beginners.
  • Safe. Your personal information is completely secure at all times.

Everything you need in a single PDF editing software

  • Faster PDF editing

Edit PDF faster with solutions that streamline full-page work.

  • Export PDF files

SwifDoo PDF supports exporting PDF files to many popular formats, including Word, PowerPoint, JPEG, HTML and many others.

  • Convenient browsing

Get your work done faster with a tabbed layout. Open multiple PDF files in one window.

  • Easier scanning to PDF

The new Scan to PDF workflow allows you to choose the best scanning options and ensures perfect results.

  • Selecting a theme

You can customize the appearance of SwifDoo PDF to suit your taste. There is a default light theme and a new dark theme.

  • Electronic signatures

SwifDoo PDF supports electronic signatures. This allows you to place important signatures on documents.

  • PDF tools always at hand

The SwifDoo PDF app for mobile devices lets you work with documents anywhere. A complete set of tools makes it easy to view and manage PDFs – right on your device.

PDF encryption problems

PDF files can be protected against copying or modification. In addition, both options are often abused, for example in internal company documents that cannot be changed later. 

Therefore, if you choose a PDF editor, check whether it has PDF encryption and decryption options. The first one will not protect you against copyright theft, at most it will make it more difficult for inexperienced users. The second one can make life a lot easier. Especially when you only need a fragment of the submitted PDF, not its entirety.


SwifDoo PDF stands out positively here. It is free and allows you to perform deep document editing. It also has an option to encrypt and decrypt PDF documents, which you may find useful. During its installation, a trial version of SwifDoo PDF Pro is also applicable.

Adobe itself made PDF viewing and editing possible by providing information on the construction of PDF files under an open license. You can use good and budget alternative programs to edit PDFs. There are quite a lot of them, although some are limited to only basic functions.

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