How to Develop an App

For many businesses to succeed in today’s digital world, having an online presence is essential. While some companies can get away with an excellent mobile site, having a dedicated app can boost your customer engagement. There are nearly two million apps available on the Apple App Store and almost double that on the Google Play Store, so developing an app that will break through the noise can be challenging. Follow these steps to bring your business into the digital age.

Develop Your Idea

The first step in any project is the idea. If you’re having trouble coming up with a concept that will make your app unique, break it down. Determine what you want to accomplish with the app and what it should do. If you operate a clothing store, you might want to showcase your merchandise and allow customers to make purchases. Or, if you run a personal coaching business, you could use your app to promote your courses and enable users to access the information on the go, making them more likely to engage with the content. 

Studying ideas that are similar to yours can help as well. Look at what makes those apps successful and recreate it for your business. Make sure to read reviews to see what problems users have with the app so you can avoid those issues.

Nail Down the Features

It might be tempting to create an app that seems to do it all, but in the beginning, keeping things simple is key. Go back to your objectives and make a list of features that you need to accomplish them. These attributes will be what makes your app unique. 

There are also some behind-the-scenes qualities your app should have. Fast loading, high resolution, and a simple interface are among the requirements most people have when using an app. Cross-platform compatibility is also important, as the requirements for Apple and Android phones differ. 

Figure Out How to Monetize

Knowing how your app will make money might seem like a later step, but before you put your hard-earned time and cash into development, you have to figure out how you’re going to make that money back. Thankfully, there are many ways to cash in on your digital creation.


If your business sells goods or services, adding an e-commerce function to your app is a great way to monetize. Offering customers a streamlined place to make their purchases securely will increase your sales. 


Working with advertisers is another easy way to make money with your app. Running advertisements is a great way to make income with minimal work. All you have to do is make sure the ads function properly!

Pay-to-Download or Subscribe

Charging customers to download your app is a great way to make money right away, but it can sometimes deter people who aren’t sure about the product. If you offer some functionality for free, users can get a look at the app before deciding to buy. Subscription services can also entice customers, especially if you offer a free trial. 

Create a Mockup

Before you can have a fully functional app, you have to create a mockup. Knowing what every screen and interface will look like and how every gesture and tap will work ensures you won’t have any errors or mishaps when using the app. If you want your platform to be successful, like the apps on that pay real money, you’ll need to mock up every feature. Users are quick to delete apps that aren’t working correctly, so this is a crucial step.

Test, Test, Test

It’s best to test every element of your app as you develop it so you can fix issues along the way. A person or team dedicated to testing helps ensure you find all the bugs before launch. If you don’t have the funds to hire someone, ask your friends and family to try it out. Make sure to test the functionality, installation, integration, and device compatibility.

Send to App Stores

After all the work of creating the first version of your app is complete, it’s time to send it to the app stores. Apple and Google have dedicated stores, but you can also contact other smaller platforms. Use an app development agency for this step; they’ll be able to help you understand the regulations of each store so you can get your app up and running as quickly as possible.

Work on Marketing

The work isn’t done once you’ve put your app out there! Now, you have to let people know it’s available. Use your social media channels, email blasts, and other marketing efforts to publicize the new app. Knowing the audience to target your marketing toward is essential, as well. Different countries have different rules for mobile apps, so targeting users who can’t even get your app wastes your time and money.

Perform Regular Updates

Now that your app is available and users have started downloading it, you need to keep it up to date. Refreshing the interface, fixing bugs, and adding content are all important parts of app management. You can’t just upload and forget if you want your app to be successful.


Creating an app from the ground up can be daunting, but having an app dedicated to your business can help you exponentially! Make sure to listen to feedback as you continue improving your app and respond to any users having a negative experience. It’s a never-ending process, but developing an app for your business can be very rewarding. 

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