Flashinfo vs. PhoneBurner – Compare Features & Pricing

In the world of sales and connecting with potential customers, being efficient is key. Imagine a world where software makes it easier for sales teams to reach out to leads quickly and effectively. Well, that’s exactly what dialer software does! Now, let’s talk about two big players in this game: FlashInfo’s Parallel Dialer and Phone Burner. We’ll take a close look at both and highlight all the cool features that make FlashInfo stand out.

1. Dialing Efficiency: FlashInfo vs. PhoneBurner

FlashInfo Parallel Dialer: Enables sales reps to simultaneously dial up to 10 numbers, maximizing daily connections and potential leads.

PhoneBurner: Offers the capability to dial 60-80 contacts per hour without connection delays, aiming to reduce hangups and increase quality conversations.

2. User Experience: FlashInfo vs. PhoneBurner

Flashinfo: Designed with an intuitive interface, ensuring leads aren’t left waiting, fostering positive interactions, and reducing wait times.

PhoneBurner: Boasts a modern, customizable interface for quick deployment and scalability. It is user-friendly, allowing teams to start dialing from anywhere without special equipment.

3. Call Quality & Reliability: FlashInfo vs. PhoneBurner

Flashinfo: Uses advanced algorithms for swift call routing, maintaining a high-quality customer experience.

PhoneBurner: Promises 99.9% uptime with 100% lag-free connections, ensuring a manual-dialing-like experience and flexibility in making calls from any phone or softphone.

4. Support & Onboarding: FlashInfo vs. PhoneBurner

FlashInfo Parallel Dialer: Provides comprehensive training and support for all features to maximize user potential.

PhoneBurner: Offers award-winning US-based support and dedicated one-on-one onboarding experts for fast, measurable results.

5. Integration & Customization: FlashInfo vs. PhoneBurner

FlashInfo Parallel Dialer: Seamlessly integrates with FlashInfo’s multi-channel sequencing, sales intelligence, and CRMs/SEPs, enabling a comprehensive and effective outreach strategy.

PhoneBurner: Provides over 150+ integrations with popular tools and platforms to enhance user outreach capabilities.

6. Remote Sales Process: FlashInfo vs. PhoneBurner

FlashInfo Parallel Dialer: Tailored for modern sales teams, supporting remote operations to connect with leads from anywhere.

PhoneBurner: As a 100% remote company, PhoneBurner understands and offers tools that enhance the remote selling experience.

7. Unique Features: FlashInfo vs. PhoneBurner

FlashInfo Parallel Dialer: Stands out with the ability to dial multiple numbers simultaneously, incorporating sequencing and sales intelligence for increased outreach without compromising customer experience.

PhoneBurner: Features like call transfer, dedicated inbound numbers, and a cloud-based platform make it a robust choice for sales teams.


While both FlashInfo’s Parallel Dialer and PhoneBurner offer robust features for sales outreach, FlashInfo’s simultaneous dialing capability sets it apart. Integration with multi-channel sequencing provides a holistic approach, making it a comprehensive solution. The choice depends on specific team needs, considering factors like size, outreach volume, and desired integrations. Book a demo for a detailed exploration.

FAQs on FlashInfo’s Parallel Dialer vs. PhoneBurner:

How does FlashInfo’s dialing efficiency compare to PhoneBurner?

FlashInfo allows simultaneous dialing of up to 10 numbers, while PhoneBurner focuses on dialing 60-80 contacts per hour without connection delays.

Which platform offers better integration capabilities?

While FlashInfo seamlessly integrates with its multi-channel sequencing, PhoneBurner boasts over 150+ integrations with popular tools and platforms.

Can both platforms support remote sales operations?

Yes, both FlashInfo and PhoneBurner are designed to support and enhance the remote sales process.

Which platform offers a more user-friendly experience?

Both platforms prioritize user experience. FlashInfo ensures swift call routing and reduced wait times, while PhoneBurner offers a customizable interface with quick deployment.

Are there any unique features that set one platform apart from the other?

FlashInfo’s ability to dial multiple numbers at once is a standout feature, while PhoneBurner offers unique features like call transfer and dedicated inbound numbers.

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