Erling Holland – the best player in the 2022/2023 English Championship

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In the 2022/2023 season, Manchester City won the English Championship title. Not least due to the phenomenal play of the team’s leading player, Norwegian Erling Holland. It was he who was recognized as the best football player in the Premier League at the end of that season. Please note that knowing the first deposit bonus rules on the 1xBet platform, you can bet on any match from the world of this championship and receive increased winnings. This was Holland’s first season in England and the forward immediately demonstrated that he was well-prepared for this championship. From the first rounds he started scoring nice goals and did it very often. As a result, Erling scored 36 goals in the Premier League, which became an absolute record for the tournament.

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According to fans, Holland had a smooth and eventful season. He regularly scored goals against strong opponents and weaker clubs. He became the central figure in Manchester City’s attacks. With him, the team reached a qualitatively new level, so it is quite natural that it was Erling who received the individual award.

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Why did the legendary Norwegian win his prize?

Holland had a lot of great individual performances that season. He scored several hat-tricks, something that even more senior footballers had never achieved before. The platform is a betting site in Mongolia where you can follow his past successes and future victories that are likely to await the promising football player.

Returning to Holland’s achievement, the reasons why it became real are worth mentioning. These are:

  • an impressive game, the power of his pitches and strikes;
  • motivation to win the FA Cup and prove to his fans that he is the best;
  • the support of his team-mates, who often created favorable chances for Holland, and he took advantage of many of them and scored brilliant goals.

Thus, Erling had a really great season and immediately made a loud statement about himself in England. Most likely, we will hear about this player many more times. To make more use of the 1xBet service, which is a betting site in Mongolia, you should download the mobile application to your smartphone. This will make your betting easier and more convenient, no matter where you are.

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