Electrical Components Covered by Home Warranty Companies 

If you want to protect your home appliances and systems from costly repairs and replacements, you need to choose the right plan for your needs. Look for plans with higher coverage limits and compare service fees. 

Electrical issues are a big headache for homeowners. Fortunately, most top-rated home warranty providers offer electrical system coverage as part of their appliance and system plans. 

Light Fixtures 

Many homeowners think home warranty plans cover everything, but that’s not always the case. Often, smaller items like ceiling fans and light fixtures aren’t covered in a basic plan, but you may be able to get this coverage added on for a small extra cost. 

These add-ons help you protect your appliances and systems long after builder or manufacturer warranties expire. When choosing a home warranty company, make sure you read their service agreement to see exactly what they cover, coverage limits, claim procedures, quality of customer service policy, whether or not they cover pre-existing issues, and more. This will help you decide whether or not the company is right for your needs. Also, make sure you check their license and reputation in the industry. 

Circuit Breakers 

It is no surprise that electrical issues are one of the most common problems that home warranty companies help to fix. They offer a simple solution for homeowners who face an electrical issue like a broken light switch or faulty circuit breaker. This can save you from the hassle of searching online for a professional or watching endless YouTube videos to learn how to fix the problem yourself. 

Home warranty electrical coverage is also great for homeowners who want to upgrade their electrical system to meet modern demands. For instance, older homes with dated wiring will struggle to cope with the demands of new devices such as wide screen TVs, gaming consoles and air conditioners. Upgrading the panel and ensuring that it has enough capacity to handle these devices is an easy way to prevent fires caused by overheating. 

However, it is important to note that home warranty electrical coverage won’t cover breakdowns arising from natural disasters or “acts of God.” It will only cover breakdowns that are caused by normal wear and tear. 


Does home warranty cover electrical? The best home warranty companies offer a range of plans and add-ons for their customers to choose from. This allows homeowners to build a home warranty plan that reflects their specific needs and budget. It’s important for potential buyers to

understand which appliances, systems and components each provider covers. They should also pay close attention to coverage limits and monthly plan costs. 

For example, some offer home warranty plans that include coverage for outlets. This can be useful if a homeowner discovers a loose outlet that poses a safety risk. The company will send a prescreened electrician to assess the issue and repair or replace the outlet as needed. 

Other electrical issues covered by home warranties include broken light switches and electrical wiring. However, the companies typically don’t cover damage caused by natural disasters or power surges. They also don’t cover outdoor electrical systems such as exterior wiring, motors and dial boxes. These types of issues are usually covered by homeowners insurance. 


The wires in your home electrical system are a crucial element. Without them, appliances and systems that depend on electricity can’t function properly. If you’re facing issues with wiring, a home warranty company can connect you with a technician to help. 

Understanding home electrical wiring is essential for diagnosing problems, making repairs, and planning renovations. Learn the basics, including how size relates to amperage, how cable-sheath and wire color coding works, and when it’s best to use stranded versus solid wiring. 

Choosing the best home warranty provider for electrical system coverage depends on your specific needs and budget. Compare plans, premiums, and service call fees to find a plan that fits your lifestyle. Then, look at add-ons to create a curated home warranty. First American offers some of the highest coverage limits for electrical systems in the industry.

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