Effective Real Estate Link-Building Strategies

This means all your old promotional strategies, like – putting up a billboard and sending flyers, don’t work anymore.

Did you know that 96% of home buyers begin their search online?

This is why it is important to create a strong online presence for your real estate business.

But remember – simply creating a website and social media accounts is not enough.

As real estate is one of the most competitive industries in the market, you need to think out of the box to grow your business.

And that’s where link building can help!

It is a type of SEO technique that can help your business in three ways,

  • Increase your website’s ranking
  • Improve your site’s credibility
  • Boost organic traffic

If you want to use this tactic for business, keep reading this blog post.

Today, we are going to share 7 effective real estate link-building strategies with you.

What is Real Estate Link Building?

Real estate link building simply means obtaining links from other real estate websites or relevant blogs. These links point back to your own real estate website.

When you create high-quality backlinks, it sends a signal to search engines like Google that your website is credible. This way, your site will get better ranking.

Here’s an example of real estate link building works,

  • You own a real estate website, and you want to improve its visibility.
  • So, you reach out to a local real estate blog and ask if they are interested in featuring one of your articles about “Top 10 Tips for First-Time Homebuyers” on their website.
  • The blog agrees and publishes your article, including a link back to your website.
  • When readers of the blog come across your article and find it helpful, they may click on the link to visit your website for more information.

7 Effective Real Estate Link-Building Strategies

Now that you know what real estate link building is and how it works, let’s look at some of the best strategies to use it for your business:

1. Networking to get links

As a real estate business owner, you can take advantage of link building by using your local connections.

The real estate business is all about networking and collaboration. Whether it’s teaming up with fellow agents to finalize a property sale or engaging with local customers enquiring about house prices.

Since you already have a network in place, why not use it to obtain real estate links? Reach out to your local contacts and establish connections with industry-related blogs and websites. From clients and agents to partners and contractors, there are many sources of links within your reach.

Securing these local links will not only improve your visibility in local searches but also give you a competitive edge over non-local competitors.

2. Guest posting

Guest blogging involves the process of writing articles for other websites and receiving a link back to your own site. This approach not only gives exposure to your website but also builds relationships with other real estate websites.

Here are some simple tips for using guest posts for real estate link building:

  • Look for niche-focused blogs where the target audience is real estate enthusiasts or potential buyers
  • Choose platforms with high traffic to make sure your content reaches a wide audience
  • Consider local news websites, as they often welcome guest posts
  • Target blogs with active comment sections
  • Comment on current market trends or emerging property regions
  • Share your expertise in a way that offers new and valuable insights
  • Ask readers to share their thoughts and opinions

If you don’t have time for guest posting, you can outsource it. However, remember to choose only the best guest blogging services. Make sure that the agency is reliable and check reviews and testimonials first.

3. Creating good quality content

Content is important for your website as it is a major part of real estate SEO. But you can

also use it to acquire backlinks. If you create and post good content on your website, people will want to link back to it.

Here are some ways you can use content to get links:

Include informative real estate guides

Create detailed guides that provide information and advice on various real estate topics. These guides should be easy to understand and offer practical tips for buyers, sellers, or anyone interested in real estate.

By offering helpful information, you can establish your website as a reliable resource in the industry. This will encourage others to link back to your content.

Focus on visual content

Use visually appealing content such as high-quality images, infographics, and videos. Visual content is highly shareable and tends to draw more engagement on social media platforms.

By creating visual content, you increase the likelihood of others linking back to your website to share or reference your visuals.

Geo-targeted content

The real estate market is location-dependent. Because of this reason, you must focus on location-based targeting for link building. One way to do this is by creating geo-targeted content.

Develop content that is specifically tailored to your target geographic location or audience. This could include local market reports or articles highlighting community events and amenities.

By providing localized content, you can appeal to a niche audience and attract links from local businesses.

4. Resource pages

You can also feature your website on relevant resource pages as a part of real estate link building. Resource pages are websites that compile lists of useful resources related to a specific topic. You can search for resource pages dedicated to real estate topics.

Here are a few examples of real estate resource pages:

  • com
  • com
  • com
  • com
  • com

Getting your website listed on a resource page is a straightforward way to acquire high-quality backlinks. Simply locate relevant resource pages and reach out to the website owner. Express your interest in having your link included on their page and easily get a backlink.

5. Give testimonials and reviews

Testimonials and reviews are powerful tools for establishing your company’s credibility online. However, in this scenario, instead of getting testimonials to boost your own reputation, you’ll be giving them out.

If you have positive experiences, share your feedback on platforms like Google and add a link to your website in your profile.

By doing so, you not only showcase your authority and benefit your own business but also create goodwill with the businesses you’re endorsing. Once you’ve established a positive rapport, most companies will be eager to reciprocate with a backlink.

6. Unlinked brand mentions

Another method for getting valuable backlinks is by obtaining links from unlinked brand mentions.

Unlinked brand mentions occur when someone mentions your company or website but doesn’t include a hyperlink to your site.

To secure a link from these mentions, simply reach out to the website owner and inquire if they’d be willing to add a link.

Since those who mention your brand are already interested in your offerings, they are often receptive to including a link to your website.

7. Rental listings & directories

Rental listings and directories offer a simple way for real estate link building. Manu websites provide opportunities to list your rental properties at no cost, including:


  • Zillow Rental Manager
  • com
  • RentCafe
  • com
  • Trulia
  • Craigslist

These links are readily accessible and can significantly improve your website’s search engine visibility.


So there you have it – a range of link-building tactics to help you secure more backlinks and grow your website traffic.

Real estate link building is on the rise as more and more companies are realizing the importance of backlinks. By using these 7 powerful tactics, you can easily get a competitive advantage in your industry.

Experiment with these strategies to determine which ones give the best results for your needs. And if you ever need assistance in getting started, look for premium link-building services.

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