Do You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Jersey City When Charged with Theft?

In Jersey City, there are a lot of ways you could be charged with theft or stealing. Theft charges can range from getting stolen goods to auto theft, shoplifting, burglary, and armed robbery. If arrested on theft charges, you could be put in jail, no matter you are innocent or guilty. If you are in this situation, you must hire a criminal lawyer near me to represent you in court. Your attorney can fight for your rights and help you avoid the devastating consequences of a theft conviction. 

Elements of Theft

A theft crime is when you exercise illegal control over another person’s property with the intent to deprive this person of its use. Usually, theft charges come down to whether you have a legal right to access and utilize another person’s property. 

Protecting Your Rights After Being Arrested

If you have been accused of theft, you don’t need to prove that you did not steal anything. Rather, the prosecutor must prove you did steal and are guilty. As the accused, you have the right not to say anything to the police and the right to a lawyer. 

When arrested, you should stay calm and tell the arresting officer of your willingness to cooperate. However, you should tell them you must speak with an attorney before you answer any questions from the police. 

Before a defense lawyer can come to you, give your name, address, and age to the police when asked. If you are not guilty of the charges, state your innocence. Otherwise, just ask for a lawyer and wait for them. Remember that whatever you say to the police can be used against you.

How a Defense Attorney Can Defend You

Your criminal defense lawyer will speak with you to get your account of what happened. They will look into the police report and speak with prosecutors and witnesses regarding what occurred. Also, they will examine any physical evidence. Your attorney will develop a defense strategy depending on the circumstances and facts of your case. generally, they will look for issues with the prosecutor’s version of events. They can demonstrate that the case of the prosecution is weak or flawed to get them to drop the charges against you or reduce them. If you must go to trial, your attorney will persuade the jury that the story of the prosecution doesn’t add up. Common defenses in theft charges include mistaken identity, lack of credible witnesses, bias based on protected class, faulty forensic testing, faulty testimony, and others. 

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