Controlio Earns Forbes’ Best Employee Monitoring Software of 2024

Controlio sets itself apart with its robust ability to track time spent on tasks, set productivity goals, and provide analytical insights. Managers get a macro view of the whole department while still being able to drill down to each employee’s workload, productivity patterns, and working habits. Automated alerts flag overtime hours as well as periods of inactivity, enabling supervisors to course correct issues in real-time. The result is maximized productivity and employees stay on task and focused.

Monitoring Without Micromanaging

While Controlio provides heaping amounts of visibility, managers don’t have to comb through massive amounts of data themselves. It offers dynamic monitoring not overwhelming micromanaging. Controlio’s intuitive dashboards showcase macro trends, top performers, productivity heatmaps and more. Summary reports auto-deliver insights weekly, monthly or quarterly via email. So leadership can take a hands-off approach while still maintaining a pulse on performance through automated updates. Companies worldwide are relying on the Best Employee Monitoring Software of 2024 to enhance productivity and ensure effective management of their remote and in-office workforce.

Omnichannel Tracking

As the workforce trends towards hybrid on-site/remote models, businesses need solutions that bridge in-office and work-from-home scenarios. Controlio empowers teams to stay aligned and productive wherever they choose to work. Managers gain insight across digital channels – seeing activity in corporate web and app usage, document creation/editing, email, instant messaging, VOIP calls, and more. Compare performance between departments, individuals, and locations to make adjustments that optimize output across the board.

Robust Access Permission Settings

Robust employee monitoring solution take an all-or-nothing view of information access. Controlio stands apart with its tiered access settings that align information visibility with management seniority. Entry-level managers gain access to macro reporting on team performance. Mid-level leaders can drill down on individual metrics like app/web usage, after-hours work, productivity percentages. And executive leadership access broad analytics across regions, departments, and the entire company. Controlio allows each business unit to have the degree of visibility they need without being overwhelmed with unnecessary data.

Automation & API Integrations

Controlio accelerates ROI with automation that streamlines cumbersome tasks. Administrators configure all monitoring settings, access permissions, alerts, notifications, and reports upfront. From there, Controlio automates data collection, reporting, and alert/notification distribution. The platform also offers an open API that integrates with hundreds of popular HR platforms and business systems. This allows data to auto-sync from Controlio into other apps leaders already leverage, including G Suite, Office 365, Salesforce, QuickBooks, Slack, and many more. Controlio doesn’t require an overhaul of systems already in place. It simply slots in to make employee monitoring and existing infrastructures more robust.

Unparalleled Data Security

As a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, Controlio offers the same level of data security provided by top cloud providers like AWS and Microsoft Azure. Customer data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. The platform is housed in SOC 2 compliant data centers with industry-leading physical and network security protocols. Regular audits ensure infrastructure and encryption measures meet all government regulations for data privacy and protection. Companies can feel assured that Controlio helps them gather employee performance insights without sacrificing security.


With its 2024 recognition as the Best Employee Monitoring Software from Forbes, Controlio continues to be an industry leader in the desktop analytics space. It enables leadership of all types to have an aerial view of company performance while still gathering employee-specific insights. Automation streamlines complex monitoring and reporting processes – making them more scalable, accurate, and digestible. Robust permission settings grant leaders tiered access to data that’s relevant to their department or business unit. An open API allows Controlio to integrate with existing company systems to create a more holistic infrastructure. Companies who leverage Controlio create aligned, productive teams who consistently hit goals and metrics thanks to practical employee monitoring.

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