Are you allowed to break traffic laws to avoid an accident?

Accidents are prevalent these days. The number of accidents on the roads is increasing because people don’t pay much attention to traffic laws. They often violate traffic laws, which can later result in disastrous accidents. One must follow all the traffic laws to prevent the number of casualties from taking place. Accidents can be controlled when you try to follow all the guidelines given by the government. Moreover, you will be subjected to heavy penalties if you don’t follow traffic rules. Distracted driving and drunk driving are some of the most common rules that are broken.

Most people often don’t pay attention to the speed limit. Overspeeding is also one of the biggest reasons why accidents take place. Everybody must maintain a speed limit because if they don’t, it can result in accidents in which another person has to suffer without any mistake. The following most common reason for accidents is when people don’t wear seatbelts. Seatbelts must be worn at all times so that if you face an accident, you are protected, and there are fewer injuries. If you are wearing a proper seat belt, airbags will open when somebody meets an accident, otherwise, airbags will fail to open.


It is one of the most common violations of traffic rules, which leads to many crashes. Driving beyond a permissible speed or going faster than appropriate for a given situation does not leave room for emergency measures when traffic shifts or there is an obstacle in the street.

High-speed driving decreases the room for safety and prolongs brake release. Such instances may lead to rear bumper crashes whereby other drivers cannot evade barriers or make safe turns. Severe injuries and fatalities are common with high-speed accidents since the force of impact exceeds that experienced during slower collisions.

Therefore, drivers must stick to stipulated speed levels considering the impact of weather, traffic jams, and risks associated with specific locations on the road. Speed reduction may make a driver have more time to analyze changing conditions and act accordingly hence improve traffic safety.

Traffic Signals

Ignoring traffic lights and stop signs is a very hazardous offense which often results in crashes mainly at the intersection points. Broadside or T-bone collisions constitute some of the worst accidents that can be caused by running a red light or failing to stop at a stop sign.

The driver’s failure to yield the right-of-way to legally crossing or entering vehicles into the intersection mostly causes these accidents. Due to direct side impact, occupants have fewer protections, hence consequences are often disastrous.

Such an act as driving through a red light or at a stop sign is dangerous to the violating driver and poses a threat to pedestrians, cyclists and other road users. These accidents can, however be prevented by observing traffic signals and stopping signs, coming to a complete halt at all intersections.

Distracted Driving

In recent times, distracted driving has emerged as the most common cause of accidents on the roads across the world caused by smartphones and other such electronic gadgets. Drivers who text, talk on phones, or browse the internet have less focus on it as a distraction from the road.

This diversion of attention substantially reduces a driver’s capability to see and deal with dangers. One of these is the rear-end collision caused by failure to see a slowing down vehicle before it occurs. Further, lane departures, sideswipes, and crashes with pedestrians/cyclists could happen when drivers’ minds are elsewhere.

Safety must be emphasized among drivers in combating distracted driving. The use of electronic devices while driving and distraction should not be allowed. Distracted driving and associated accidents are prevented through pullovers at a safer place or hand-free free technology. A person needs to hire a legal attorney, when they encounter such an accident. A car accident lawyer will investigate who was at fault and then gather evidence to prove their point to get the compensation their clients are looking for.

Driving Under the Influence

Dui is a reckless act on their part putting at risk their lives and the lives of other users of the public space. This is because alcohol and drugs affect the decisions, coordination, and responsiveness of the driver.

These erratic behaviors include swerving from lane to lane, maintaining poor speeds, and even running red lights and signs in most cases. Consult Text Kevin Accident Attorneys for experienced legal representation in DUI cases. Such behaviors are likely to lead to serious collisions such as head-on or rear-end accidents.

Such accidents involve intoxicated drivers, which often lead to serious wounds or deaths due to compromised capacity of such drivers to engage braking and steering maneuvers so as to avert collisions. Poorly, the bad drivers might not be well placed when it comes to distance judgments, changing lanes and tackling turns.

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