5 Money-Making Apps Worth Exploring

Until now, I always saw money-making apps as a scam. Simply because why would any app give us money? Instead, it should be the other way around.

However, very few apps do give money or provide bumper discounts and coupons. Using them, a sufficient amount of money can be saved which you can use to fund your hobby, buy new gadgets, or simply save.

Not only are such apps a great source to make or save money, but you’re not time-restricted as well. Also, there’s hardly a limit on how much you can earn. So, spend as much of your free time on these apps and start making money.

However, before moving forward, there’s one prerequisite you may need to fulfill. To seamlessly use the following apps, make sure you’re assisted by a sturdy internet connection.


Because without an impeccable internet connection, these apps may not work as intended and crash frequently. Plus, accessing the prized features may not be accessible to you since they’re connected to servers.

That’s why these apps may need an internet connection with lightning-quick speeds and without hiccups, just like Optimum.

With around 1 million free hotspot zones throughout the country, you can use these apps on the go. Connect to Optimum en español to find out more about the plans and packages.

Without further ado, let’s get started:

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Survey Junkey
  3. Rakuten Rewards
  4. OfferUp
  5. MistPlay
  6. Bottom Line


Who says one must be lucky to get hands-on gift cards? With Swagbucks, there’s a possibility of earning so many gift cards that you may share them with friends.

So, what is it that you have to do?

Swagbucks offer a range of things a user can do. From filling out survey forms, playing games, watching videos, and in some tasks, you only need to surf the internet. That’s how easier is to get rewarded with Swagbucks.

What’s more, Swagbucks provides around 1500 retail stores, with thousands of products. Once you become a frequent shopper, chances are, you may get exclusive discounts, coupons, or cashback.

Also, it’s a points-based app. So, every move you make allots you redeemable points. Once collected enough, they can be redeemed for Amazon or Walmart gift cards.

Survey Junkey: 

It’s a survey platform where thousands of companies are looking for your insights. You can start simply by registering an account. Once you complete the registration, preferences can be added about what type of surveys you want.

A user can complete three surveys a day. Upon completion, virtual points are rewarded, which are redeemable. You can get virtual gift cards or a cash payment to your PayPal account once you redeem the available points.

Rakuten Rewards: 

Who doesn’t like to shop? On top of that, there’s no stopping when everything is available at a discounted price. Plus, chances are bright to get a cashback too. There’s nothing we’d ask for more, for sure.

Rakuten Rewards is a platform providing over 3500 stores at your service. From cosmetics and electronics to clothing and gadgets, you can find everything here. What’s more, there’s no fixed amount of cashback. So, if you’re active on the app, you may get 100% cashback.

However, Rakuten Rewards provides cashback to existing users every three months. With that said, there’s no limit on coupons as may you get one every time you shop.


Look around you, and you may find things that no longer serve a purpose. Be it clothes, electronics, shoes, or even furniture, our houses are stuffed with a lot of unnecessary and unwanted things.

So, why not put a price tag on it? And that too, while resting on your couch?

OfferUp is a marketplace where local buyers and sellers meet. Once you register on the app, add items that you want to get rid of. Take clear pictures, add a description, put a price tag, and publish it. In no time, you may get a phone call from someone interested in buying the item you put for sale.


Exclusively for gamers, how about trying new games and getting paid to do so? Well, it’ll be no less than a dream come true for so many gamers.

MistPlay invites gamers to play Android games on its platform. Some games are beta versions while others are close to completion. You just have to play the game, complete missions, and provide feedback.

Like most money-making apps, this app rewards you with points. Then, these points can be redeemed for gift cards to major retailers like Nintendo Store, Starbucks, and Amazon.

Bottom Line: 

When it comes to money-making apps, it’s important to be realistic. They’re not an alternative to a job, but they’re quite handy. Instead of scrolling the internet in your free time, you can install any of these apps to save or earn money.


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