3 Features in TallyPrime cut business costs

Every business operates with two primary objectives: generating profits and minimizing costs. An effective means of maximizing profits involves the reduction of unnecessary expenses. According to Bloomberg, a startling statistic reveals that 8 out of 10 small businesses fail within their initial 18 months. This failure often stems from entrepreneurs concentrating on boosting sales while overlooking the significance of curbing additional expenditures in their pursuit of profitability. Let’s delve into how Tally accounting software features can cut business costs.

Businesses with Tally become easy

The subject of our discussion is the widely recognized accounting software, Tally UAE, which continues to be perceived as basic, despite its evolution into a comprehensive ERP tool. In the contemporary business landscape, automation stands out as the key to cost reduction, and Tally excels in this regard. It furnishes the automatic generation of reports and data, expediting the decision-making process. Tally automates a multitude of functions, including TDS calculations, bank reconciliation reporting, and e-way bill generation. It also involves easier tax return filing, provision of ratio analysis for input data, and inventory management features. All these facilitate the maintenance of optimal stock levels, thus preventing resource wastage, among other functions. Additionally, Tally boasts several other features aimed at automating organizational processes.

Moreover, Tally extends its capabilities beyond its inherent functions through the activation of TDLs (Tally Definition Language) after software installation. These supplementary features further enhance the software’s capabilities and, in turn, contribute to a reduction in the operational expenses of the business.

Here are some features that you can activate in your Tally software to reduce the additional expenses incurred by your company:

Go Paperless

In the digital age, embracing a paperless approach is the way forward. Signatures are commonly used for document authentication, but with the rising incidents of forgery, fraud has become a growing concern. Digitally signed invoices are tamper-proof, ensuring that the original document reaches the recipient without any alterations. Tally enables you to obtain digital signatures directly, resulting in cost and time savings. This is an accounting software solution with all 

Benefits of Digital Signatures:

  • Enhances security
  • Reduces expenses (e.g., printing and stationery costs)

For example, the cost breakdown for printing and stationery for 50 invoices includes the cost of printing, paper, envelopes, and courier charges.

The total cost per invoice is Rs. 24. Multiplied by a minimum of 50 invoices and 300 working days in a year, this amounts to a substantial cost of Rs. 3,60,000, which can be eliminated by using digital signatures in Tally.

  • Universally accepted and legally approved
  • Saves time (reduces the waiting time for signatures and invoice receipt)
  • Maximizes office space utilization for other purposes (as physical hard copies of invoices are unnecessary)
  • Establishes your business as trustworthy within your industry
  • Contributes to environmental sustainability (less paper use equals eco-friendliness).

Digital Document Management

Tally software Oman offers the ability to maintain documents within the system itself. By employing the multiple file attachment TDL, you can attach various supporting documents to entries. This feature organizes and easily retrieves your documents. As a result, it saves both indirect costs and the productive time spent by employees searching for documents.

This feature allows you to:

  1. Reduce costs, as physical copies of documents are not required, or you can simply print them when necessary.
  2. Store all supporting documents alongside their corresponding entries.
  3. Save time, as you no longer need to search for documents during internal or external audits.
  4. Optimize office space usage by repurposing areas previously occupied by such documents for more essential tasks.

Choose SMS Over Phone Calls

With an impressive open rate of 98% and an average response time of just 3 minutes, SMS emerges as the most effective means to connect with your customers. Also, Phone calls can be inconvenient for customers, as they require immediate attention and concentration. In contrast, receiving an SMS allows customers the flexibility to view it at their convenience. Tally further allows you to send SMS directly, covering a range of messages from transaction-related updates and birthday greetings to promotional offers with just a few clicks.

Why opt for SMS Over Other Chat Messengers?

SMS is preferred over other chat messengers for several reasons, particularly when it comes to relaying critical messages like financial transaction notifications sent by banks. The advantages of SMS include:

  • Instant delivery, without the need for an internet connection
  • A premium messaging service in comparison to other messenger platforms
  • Short and concise messages, ensuring that customers consistently read them

The SMS feature offered by Tally provides several benefits:

  • Maintaining a strong connection with your customers
  • Reducing expenses associated with calling
  • Keeping customers well-informed about various types of transactions
  • Offering a written form of communication
  • Enhancing your company’s image

Tally accounting software makes everything hassle-free

To sum up, Tally accounting software streamlines the process of managing bills receivables, and payables, ensuring faster payments and efficient payment timelines. It also optimizes stock movement, leading to improved cash flow management. Additionally, Tally provides insightful reports at your fingertips, empowering you to make informed decisions and enhance your business’s growth.

Overall, for Tally Cloud services and Tally customization by expert developers, contact Emerald Software’s.

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