10 Keys to a Successful Cyberpsychology Dissertation Writing in 2024

Cyberpsychology is the interaction of human psychology with digital technology. Does studying cyberpsychology benefit the students? Yes, it opens great employment opportunities. Bournemouth University says 95% of students get career-ready in this field. Students need to compose a winning cyberpsychology dissertation for efficient entrance into professional life

Julie R. Ancis published an article on The Age of Cyberpsychology: An Overview, which states that 58% of the world’s 7 billion use the internet. Social interactions and behaviour patterns have been transformed with the advancement of technology. People are accustomed to communicating through electronic messages. 

Students find this is a broad field to study and research. They write dissertations and proposals to propose their findings as original works. Sometimes due to excessive course workload, it becomes difficult to manage all tasks. Therefore, they avail of dissertation writing help from experienced writers. The highly skilled writers craft the dissertation as per the instructions and ensure the proper formatting, recommended citation styles, etc. 

Now, let us discuss the concept of cyberpsychology and learn some practical elements of writing a brilliant dissertation.

What Is Cyberpsychology?

Cyberpsychology deals with human psychological phenomena integrated with digital technology. This field relates to how humans behave in the virtual environment. It encloses different branches such as:

  • Health cyberpsychology
  • Consumer cyberpsychology
  • Forensic cyberpsychology

There are different behavioural patterns associated with cyberpsychology. Some of the most common ones can be visualised in the below diagram:

Screenshot 25

Students can write a cyberpsychology dissertation in any one of the specialised branches. It all depends on the interests of the students. To which area and field can they contribute better research solutions?

How Do You Write a Cyberpsychology Dissertation?

Writing a cyberpsychology dissertation involves the following steps:

  • Researching a good topic.
  • Crafting a research proposal.
  • Creating a perfect structure using IMRaD.
  • Editing before submission.

10 Keys to an Outstanding Cyberpsychology Dissertation Writing

Before writing a cyberpsychology dissertation, one should understand the fundamental components. Students often feel stuck in this situation and look forward to guidance. We deeply care about the concerns of students and want to present good information. 

For this purpose, we have crafted ten fundamental components for crafting an excellent dissertation. Let us read them for a better understanding. 

  • Select a Good Topic

Selecting a good topic is a major step towards writing good cyberpsychology dissertations. Try to choose a challenging and interesting topic. Ensure that it should be innovative and deeply researched. Brainstorm different ideas regarding cyberpsychology. The different areas may include:

  • Digital mental health.
  • Cyberbullying.
  • Internet addiction.
  • Cyber security and online deception.
  • Online counselling.
  • Social media applications.

You can choose any of the above-mentioned ideas. Dedicate your proper time to research these ideas deeply. Once you are done, then divide the dissertation topic into chunks. This will help you and connect you to execute the main idea.

Cyberpsychology Dissertation Topics for 2024

Some of the good topics for writing a winning cyberpsychology dissertation are mentioned below:

  1. Exploring the Recent Trends in Cyberpsychology Research.
  2. Studying the Impact of Social Media Addiction on Youngsters.
  3. How Are Virtual Communities Contributing to Human Psychology?
  4. What Are the Different Types of Cyberattacks?
  5. Reporting to Regressive Behaviours in Online Cyberspace.
  • Perform Thorough Research

Before starting the research, think about all the research queries. You can choose different questions such as:

  • Is cybercrime a serious concern?
  • How are banks suffering from cybercrimes?
  • What possible strategies can be implemented to overcome the challenges?
  • How can these issues be alarming in the future?
  • How many research policies have been prescribed by the previous authors?

 Include various cyberpsychology dissertation research questions to reflect professionalism. For this, you can get information from various online resources such as:

  • Google Scholar
  • Statista
  • The Case Centre.
  • Google Public Data Explorer.
  • Create a Solid Structure

Create a solid outline for a cyberpsychology dissertation. Organising the structure can better help you write the information. It gives an appropriate direction to maintain the logical flow. The basic structure of a dissertation is based on IMRaD i.e.

  • Introduction.
  • Literature review.
  • Methodology.
  • Results and discussion.
  • Conclusion.

For better understanding, you can see the visual representation of a dissertation structure.

The above-mentioned sequenced structure connects your cyberpsychology dissertation ideas logically.

  • Write a Captivating Introduction

The academic experts recommend writing an introduction section of the cyberpsychology dissertation at the end. Because students have enough knowledge of all the sections at this stage. All the ideas help them to organise their thoughts. Being a research student, you must write a captivating introduction. Include genuine information such as:

  • Statistics on increased cyberattacks in the digital world.
  • The number of applications influencing human behaviour.
  • Institutes preparing cyberpsychologists to contribute toward society.

The introduction of your dissertation should focus on the purpose of the study. Write about the what, whys and who of your research. Keep in mind that it should be highly subjective. Include the background information on cyberpsychology. For a better understanding, you can go through the introduction of the following research articles. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • What is Cyberpsychology?
  • Cyberpsychology, Human Relationships, and Our Virtual Interiors.
  • How Cyberpsychology and Virtual Reality Can Help Us to Overcome the Psychological Burden of Coronavirus
  • Make a Strong Writing Plan

A dissertation on cyberpsychology needs to be fluent, professional and chronologically synchronised. The most important step is to create an effective writing plan. Creating a writing or action plan helps you stick to the guidelines efficiently. Divide each section according to different time slots.

For example, prepare the schedule for one week and write the literature review section. Similarly, adjust all the other sections per your flexibility. Strongly adhere to the timing considerations. 

This is because if you are a night owl then prefer writing at night. It will help you flow the information in an ordered form. On the contrary, the morning person should prefer the early time for writing. It is known that at this time, the human brain is fresh and processes better information.

  • Use Academic Language

While writing a cyberpsychology dissertation use the right choice of words. In this regard, choose a concise and formal language that reflects clarity of ideas. Try to write in an active voice. Use some connectives that interlink the overall information. The example of some connectives is mentioned below:

  • Nonetheless
  • Despite this
  • Instead of
  • Although
  • Therefore
  • In this regard

Avoid all types of contractions in this language. The tone and writing style should be strictly formal. Instead of referring people focus on the objectives, ideas and facts.

  • Add Infographics

Infographics are the visuals that display schematic information. Through infographics, you can communicate your research ideas more efficiently. Therefore, to make your dissertation powerful include the infographics. There are different forms of infographics such as:

  • Histograms
  • Pie-charts
  • Bar charts
  • Line charts 
  • Tree diagrams
  • Gantt charts

You can use any of the above-mentioned forms of infographics to elaborate information. Furthermore, add different cyberpsychology dissertation examples to build credibility.

  • Smartphones and social media addictions.
  • Personality types on the internet.
  • Different types of the internet.
  • Studying regressive behaviour online.
  • Stay In Contact with the Supervisor

To write outstanding dissertations for cyberpsychology, students should stay in touch with their supervisors. Supervisors better know the professional expertise and skills required to kickstart writing. Moreover, it also opens great ways to:

  • Discussion ideas
  • Proficient guidance
  • Improve your productivity and morale
  • Builds a solid foundation for career success. 
  • Your curiosity will be evoked.

Supervisor support will monitor your development. Continuous meetings with your supervisors will help you meet your goals. If you face difficulty gathering data and structuring a dissertation, you can immediately consult with them. So, they are your supportive pillars in times of assistance.

  • Include Proper References

The most important step in writing a cyberpsychology dissertation is citing the references. A professional dissertation requires the proper references. Adding references in your dissertation avoids the chances of plagiarism. Every institution has its criteria for citing the references. In general, there are different citation styles. Some of the most common and widely used are mentioned below:

  • MLA

Ancis, Julie R. “The age of cyberpsychology: An overview.” (2020).

  • APA

Riva, G., & Galimberti, C. (Eds.). (2001). Towards Cyberpsychology: Mind, cognition, and society in the Internet age (Vol. 2). IOS Press.

  • Vancouver

Guitton MJ. Cyberpsychology research and COVID-19. Computers in human behaviour. 2020 Oct; 111:106357.

  • Chicago

Connolly, Irene, Marion Palmer, Hannah Barton, and Gráinne Kirwan, eds. An introduction to cyberpsychology. Routledge, 2016.

  • Harvard

Guitton, M.J., 2020. Cyberpsychology research and COVID-19. Computers in human behavior, 111, p.106357.

  •  Edit and Proofread

Proofread your cyberpsychology dissertation effectively. Make sure to do multiple revisions. Doing editing makes your content more polished. Don’t edit while writing always prefer editing after writing. Take breaks and then come back to a writing desk. It refreshes your mind and orders the flow of information coherently. Read your dissertation a bit louder and identify your mistakes such as:

  • Length of the sentence.
  • Check passive and active voice.
  • Spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Consistency in the writing.
  • Formatting, margins and fonts.

What Are the Branches of Cyberpsychology?

According to the NewJersy Institute of Technology, the branches of cyberpsychology include:

  • Internet Psychology.
  • Consumer psychology.
  • Online behaviour and personality.
  • Telepsychology.
  • Artificial intelligence and their applications.

What Are the Benefits of Cyberpsychology?

The following are the benefits of cyberpsychology:

  • It raises public awareness about privacy and security issues.
  • It helps the authorities to find the root cause of problems.
  • Cyberpsychology also helps doctors to investigate different mental health problems.
  • Moreover, it also assists human-technology interaction.

What Is the Model of Cyberpsychology?

The model of cyberpsychology is integrated with the human mind accompanied by psychological space. As per Carlowcollege, the model of cyberpsychology constitutes eight dimensions:

  1. Identity
  2. Social
  3. Interactive.
  4. Text
  5. Sensory
  6. Reality
  7. Temporal
  8. Physical


Indeed, writing a cyberpsychology dissertation is a time-consuming task. The above-mentioned fundamental components will help you write a winning dissertation. Try to include relevant information and references to impress your supervisor. Use credible resources for conducting research such as Google Scholar, PubMed, Elsevier and sci-direct. These sources will provide you with authentic and fact-based information to build credibility. 

Other than this, students want to get good grades and also face difficulty in the writing process. They lack the proper skills for academic research. Many of the students don’t know the structuring, points to consider while writing a dissertation. To overcome this situation, they immediately seek help from dissertation writers. The specialised writers know where to gather data and how to compose a perfect paper. Moreover, they ensure timely delivery so students can submit before the deadline.

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