Trucking Accidents Due To Intoxication 

Throughout the state of Iowa, as well as the entire country of the United States, there are instances of trucking accidents every single day. The unfortunate part is that most of these have avoidable reasons. Most trucking accidents are due to one evil still prevalent on the road, even after efforts by the government to make strict regulations around it– intoxication. 

If you were injured in a trucking accident where the driver was intoxicated, and it led to your injuries and damages, contact a truck accident lawyer in Des Moines today. 

How does alcohol or drugs affect the driver’s ability to drive?

The use of drugs and alcohol may seriously impair a truck driver’s ability to drive safely. A truck driver who uses drugs or alcohol may experience serious consequences, such as a higher chance of accidents and injuries. The following are some ways that intoxication may impact a truck driver:

  • Drowsiness: Some sedative drugs can also cause drowsiness or fatigue while driving, which increases the risk of road accidents.
  • Impaired reaction time: Alcohol and drugs can slow down a driver’s reaction time. This means the intoxicated driver will take longer to observe a hazard or danger on the road and react accordingly, increasing the risk of accidents.
  • Impaired judgment: drugs can also impair a driver’s judgment. They will be more likely to take risks that otherwise they would not, like driving too fast or attempting risky turns.
  • Impaired vision: Drugs and alcohol can cause double or blurred vision. This impaired vision reduces the driver’s ability to focus on the road and prevents him from seeing pedestrians, road sigma, traffic signals, etc.
  • Poor decision-making: Drugs and alcohol can affect a driver’s ability to make healthy or sound decisions. This leads to poor choices of decisions and increases the likelihood of accidents such as driving unsafely, running red lights, etc. 

What damages can you seek after a truck accident case?

A personal injury can help you determine the worth of your damages and injury and get you the right compensation. Injuries from a truck accident can be severe, and you will be entitled to the following compensation: 

  • Medical expenses: A truck accident injury may take several months or years to heal completely.  The truck driver’s insurance company covers all your medical expenses, including hospital bills, surgeries, medications, etc. 
  • Pain and suffering: Victims may often suffer traumatic injuries like nightmares, anxiety, and stress related to the truck accident. Your loss of quality of life, physical, emotional, and mental pain, sleep problems, depression, etc., will be covered in this damage.
  • Lost income: Your injury might prevent you from returning to your job too soon. With the help of a qualified attorney, you can seek compensation for your lost wages.

Dealing with big trucking companies alone can be daunting. Hire an attorney to support you today!

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