How Web Hosting Impacts Your Website Performance

Whenever a business entity desires to select a web host, it must examine these factors before it signs a deal. This way, they can be sure of choosing  Magento hosting with dedicated servers at the best prices, providing top-notch web page loading speed.

Let us understand some basic facts first before we search through the topic further. A web host is a service provided on a server that helps businesses host their websites on the internet.

A lot of businesses, brands, companies, and people alike often select a hosting service without taking into due consideration the way it impacts the performance of their website. A lot for instance go for shared hosting, and they later realize that due to the bad neighborhood effect, their website got adversely affected and had a terrible downtime.

The website’s page loading speed is a key factor that is directly linked to the web hosting server’s performance. Slower page loading speeds lead to higher bounce rates and, of course, a marked reduction in conversion rates as well. Let us now read more about the impact web hosting has on a website’s performance.

In what ways does web hosting impact a website’s performance?

The performance of a web hosting server a company has chosen for its website affects the following key aspects of it. Each aspect will be discussed briefly:

Improving the website’s loading speed

Web page loading speed and performance are directly proportional to each other, the former is a key factor in determining the quality of user experience. A majority of users won’t wait around for a website to take a lot of time to load. Instead, they will go to those websites which not only load quickly but also provide them with the best experience too.

According to most experts in this field, the average loading time for a webpage on a desktop device is almost 10 seconds whereas on mobile devices, it should take 15.3 seconds to load. A custom web development company has expert developers and they believe that web pages should load in at least three seconds, or else the bounce rates will go up.

Here are 3 key factors affecting web hosting speed:

  •       The types of hard drives: Web hosting servers use both Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) and Solid State Drives (SSDs).
  •       RAM: Random Access Memory (RAM) is the amount of storage provided by the web host for script storage.
  •       Bandwidth: It helps determine the amount of data the web host can transfer with ease.

Whenever a business entity desires to select a web host, it must examine these factors before it signs a deal. This way, they can be sure of choosing cheap dedicated servers at the best prices, providing top-notch web page loading speed.

Provision of robust security measures

Web hosting impacts the website’s security in an obvious sense. A low-end web hosting provider may provide hosting services but may not have the needed robust measures to stop hackers and cyber criminals from accessing the website illegally, and stealing potentially sensitive business information.

The amount of uptime provided

Uptime is the time a website has in availability for users in a given period of time. It is often measured in percentage. Over here, the web hosting service provider again plays a key role. If the hosting servers are down, the website cannot work. Such a phenomenon is known as downtime.

A lot of websites and web hosting service providers experience downtime. The key to overcoming this is choosing the hosting service having multiple backup options in power and a higher percentage of uptime. Most web hosting service providers have reviews across a variety of sites. Hence, they should be read before companies make a choice.

Amplifying Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Many website owners may find the relationship between search engine optimization (SEO) and web hosting to be irrelevant topic. However, it is relevant because SEO does involve optimizing the website but also its backend. It helps improve its ranking in the search engine result pages (SERP) i.e. helping it attain a higher rank.

The company’s choice of web hosting service provider particularly cheap dedicated server hosting should always be a sensible one. It influences SEO efforts directly. A website that is poorly designed and developed with unnecessary scripts and inflated code makes it nearly impossible for search engine crawlers to go through the website with ease.

This will result in all SEO and digital marketing efforts ending in vain if the web hosting service is not able to provide the much-needed backend support to keep the website running smoothly.

Provision of excellent customer support

If there are issues that stifle the website’s functions, then they need to be resolved as early as possible. When a webpage or the whole site is not functioning, companies miss out on important opportunities for lead generation and conversion.

On an ideal basis, web hosting service providers should not hesitate to provide round-the-clock customer support. They also should have experienced professionals on duty to help resolve all issues quickly.

Offering a higher degree of Scalability

No company should choose a web hosting service provider carelessly, especially when the question of the website’s scalability arises. When a business grows, the website evolves and so should the hosting needs. This is where a dedicated server of good quality counts. A top-notch web hosting service provider makes it easy for the website to grow.

On the other hand, a web hosting service provider which is not good makes scalability a difficult task. It results in businesses being stuck with the same kind of website from the very beginning.


All these facts may sound like something you heard years ago. They’re not like that completely but rather help explain the real-time benefits of web hosting for improving a website’s performance. Moreover, web hosting providers can help keep a website safe and secure from online attacks.

Web hosting services need to be of very good quality to ensure a website is hosted properly. They also ensure the website is noticeable, grows with time, is properly protected and of course, optimized.

This is why each business, brand, and company alike should carefully choose a web hosting service provider. This helps ensure the website is in safe hands.

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