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Life was going well and one day you got to hear about Covid 19 and suddenly our lives changed, right? But one thing that remained intact or a thing that kept us connected was entertainment because it was the only source for us to be with friends and family. Every passing year technology is evolving according to the needs of the society but entertainment is irreplaceable. Entertainment can be in any form, can be in playing indoor games, internet or the most important part of our lives, TV.

Internet, being a necessity now a days, having a good internet was meant to be a luxury back then, but not now because Cox Internet comes up with different and exciting packages. Cox Communications is an Internet Service Provider serving more than 6.5 million people in the US. The ISP is currently available in 19 states in the town, it would not be wrong if I say the network is trusted by millions of people because of the speed they provide to their users, the main reason of people relying on Cox is because of their amazing services like, giving 30 days money back guarantee to the consumers or straightforward pricing or their one of the bests customer support system because they are 24/7 available for their users. Internet has somehow shaped the way we live, the way we look at the world or I should say it helped us in shaping an opinion about anything/anyone.

Another form of Entertainment which I believe is Television. TV is one of the most important part of our daily lives, it helps us in reducing stress, it helps us to connect with people, through TV we interact with our favorite characters. TV helps us in gaining knowledge of what is currently happening in the world. How can someone talk about the most prime form of Television and not talk about Cox TV?

Cox Communications being an all rounder in the industry, provides 4 of their main service like Cox Internet, Cox TV, Cox Phone and Homelife Security system.

Let’s discuss their internet plan.




Go Fast Gives around 100mbps of download speed and 5mbps upload speed can connect up to 5 Starts with 49.99$
Go Faster The package allows you an amazing 250mbps download and around 5 mbps upload speed. 7 devices can easily get connected Starts with 69.99$
Go Even Faster The tier comes with terrific 500mbps download speed and around 10mbps 9 devices are allowed With just 89.99$
Super-Fast Comes with 1Gbps of mad download speed and up to 35mbps of upload speed You can easily connect up to 9 devices. Starting with 109.99$

Had a look at the packages offered by Cox? Cox gives freedom to the user to decide what package suits them the most as they must be well aware of the needs of their house. Now how about I show you Cox TV plans?




TV – Standard

They currently offer more than 75 local and premium channels. Users who just want relevant channels will like this package.  


The package starts with 56$ per month.

TV – Preferred


You can get access to more than 140 local and premium channels. Viewers can have access to some of their favorite channels.




Preferred starting with 99.00$ per month.

TV- Preferred Plus


Cox is allowing users to have more than 170 local and premium channels. Consumers who love more to explore can have fun in this package because this plan has a very wide range of channels.




The plan starts with 146.00$ per month as the plan is one of their hot favorites.

TV – Ultimate


In this package, users can get an access to more than 250 local and premium channels. For those users who think more is never enough, this package is for you to have ultimate fun and explore with Cox.




The Ultimate madness comes with 139$ per month.

Contour TV is a service that is availed by many users as the provider. Just like the internet, Cox offers variety of packages in TV so that users should know what package fits their house better according to the need.


Cox Communications have delivered what they have advertised. People have gained their trust because the service provider has proved over the years. In a country like US, building a strong 6.6 million family with many competitors is I don’t think anyone’s cup of tea. Cox aims to be the top service provider in the upcoming year and I believe being an all rounder who provides 4 major services is not so easy. If you want a good entertainment, go for Cox.

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