Can You Convert a Normal Inverter to a Solar Inverter?

Inverters are an essential installation in homes. But to save money from electricity consumption, most homeowners and business owners turn to alternatives such as solar energy. Although solar inverters are highly beneficial, the initial cost involved can be quite costly. Thus, people turn to other alternatives to save costs such as repurposing some parts of the normal inverters and integrating them into solar technology like the inverters.So the subject matter we have to cover here is whether it is even possible to convert a normal inverter to a solar inverter. In this article, I will share with you the advantages of engaging in this technology, and then, provide you with a quick guideline on how to convert a normal inverter to a solar inverter.

What is the Difference Between a Normal Inverter and a Solar Inverter?

Although their purposes are pretty much the same, normal inverters and solar inverters are apparently two different apparatuses. For example, normal inverters generally convert energy coming from the grid lines, while solar inverters convert raw energy from the UV rays of the sun. The voltages from either the grid lines or solar energy are direct current which is not in compliance with local standards. Therefore, the purpose of inverters into usable electricity such as an alternating current before the energy is distributed to a household or building.

Is it Possible to Convert a Normal Inverter into a Solar Inverter?

Yes, you can definitely convert a normal inverter into a solar inverter. However, you have to bear in mind that as soon as you have converted one of your inverters, they will become exclusively for regulating solar energy. It means that you may need another inverter in order for you to receive power from the grid lines at the same time. But the great thing about having a solar inverter in your home is you no longer have to worry about power outages as your home will continue to have electricity 24/7 because of the presence of an alternative energy source. Needless to say, they are environmentally friendly as they emit no carbon in the air. And although the initial cost might be a little expensive, the resulting benefits are rewarding because it is highly cost-effective.

The Benefits of Converting Normal Inverters to Solar Inverters

Solar inverters are highly advantageous and include benefits such as the following—

  • The most apparent benefit of solar inverters is that they help you save you money from electricity bills.
  • You don’t have to concern yourself about going out of power since you now have backup power. Solar energy takes over as soon as a power outage occurs.
  • Converting normal inverters to solar inverters can also extend the useful life of the solar cells because it prevents them from being overcharged.
  • It is highly cost-effective because even though it is initially expensive at first, it is a good investment because of the amount of savings in the future. The good news is that solar power systems south africa prices is relatively affordable, and it is in compliance with the region’s standard as well.

How to Convert Normal Inverters to Solar Inverters

Converting normal inverters to solar inverters is relatively straightforward if you take a look at it, but it is hazardous at the same time since you are dealing with a huge amount of electricity. If you are a little hesitant about the prospect, you can always seek the assistance of a professional electrician. But in any case, you will need to gather the essential parts of the solar equipment like the solar panels, solar inverters, battery packs, power bank, charger controllers, and other items needed for the setup to become fully operational.

And then, you have to locate the plug slots of the solar panels where you can link them to the solar inverters. The next step is to connect the standard inverter to a charger controller. Afterwards, you should be good to go. In any case, you still need a regular inverter to connect to the grid lines as a solar inverter may not be practical, especially during the winter when sunlight is extremely scarce.

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Final Thoughts

The initial cost of setting up solar technology can be quite expensive. But you can cut costs by converting an existing inverter in your home to a solar inverter. You can actually use a normal inverter if you have an extra one you can use for such purposes. I hope this article can bring you some help in this regard!

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