Are Interfaith Marriages Legal in UAE

UAE is one of the countries that has diverse cultures. You will find people from different ethnicities, including white people. The main reason that people have settled in the UAE is because of its family laws. Just like its Labour and Employment Laws, the legal system of UAE has also focused on the family as it is an integral part of life. However, despite so many cultures, the UAE government is accepting people from every culture and religion.

Family Lawyers have contributed massively to UAE Legal System and made every family law easier than ever. People looking forward to getting married or even divorced can manage their cases easily with lawyers.

People wonder about Muslim marriages and Non-Muslim marriages in the UAE. As for Non-Muslim Marriages in the UAE, they are held in holy places such as temples, churches or gurdwaras, but they must also have the approval of the Community Development Authority (CDA) of Dubai. Other than holy places, the couple can get married at their relevant embassy.

However, interfaith marriages are likely to outnumber all other types of marriages in the UAE. The only important thing to validate your marriage in the UAE is to register it in the family court, whether you are a Muslim or a Non-Muslim.

As per the UAE laws for marriage, interfaith marriages are respected and the UAE government does not object to such marriages if the man and woman’s religion allow them to get married in different faiths. The Family Lawyers can explain to you better if you are a Non-Muslim in the UAE. As for Muslims, interfaith marriages are not permitted, but the Muslim man can marry a Non-Muslim ‘of the book’s religion, including Christianity and Judaism. A Muslim woman can only marry a Muslim man.

Always consult a family lawyer who knows about interfaith marriages and their laws in the UAE, because not every family lawyer would know about such marriages. You can ask in your social circle or maybe talk to someone in the family court of the UAE

Best Way to Find Family Lawyers in UAE

It is not easy to find a lawyer in a place where you do not know where to begin. Settling in the UAE is not easy in the first few phases. However, the government has welcomed many ex-pats in recent years. People have moved to the UAE because of its family laws and business laws. 

Considering you need to find Family Lawyers; you must know your requirements for the case. Is it about a spousal visa or marriage attestation? Not every lawyer will solve all family problems. 

Once you know the reason to hire a lawyer, then you need to do your research about lawyers through reviews, networking with family and friends and also looking up their websites. Every review or word of mouth you hear about legal representation shall be listened to, carefully, so that you can make a good choice of lawyer.

The next thing is to know the experience of the lawyer. They must have a law degree from a good university but also need to have expertise in dealing with cases similar to yours. You can always ask for the success rate or see their track record. If a lawyer does not share credentials or success rate, you must not trust them.

While consulting family lawyers, it is important to trust them. You must schedule meetings to see if both of you are compatible to discuss the legal matter. It can only be known through the communication style you and the lawyer possess. 

Moreover, they should let you know their fee before the case. Some lawyers are good enough to allow instalments, otherwise, some may ask for an upfront fee. Therefore, always discuss fee structure before filing a case with your lawyer.

A lawyer is needed for an hour these days because legal implications can be anywhere at any time. One needs to protect their interests and rights through litigation and legal processes. Therefore, always hire a competent lawyer for your legal matters.

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